One British Critic Thinks the Royal Family Lost All of Its Magic After the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September 2022 not only marked the end of an era, but it also began a new chapter that royal critics are starting to question. There have been countless hot takes lately about King Charles III’s reign feeling aimless and downright pointless. 

The criticism may feel harsh given the largely ceremonial role that still brings in a significant amount of tourist dollars to the U.K., but the voices are growing louder and from unexpected places. Daily Mail writer Jan Moir noted that the monarchy is left with a “well-meaning but essentially ho-hum next generation” that she described as the “second tier on the crumbling cake.” That’s not exactly the boost of confidence Charles was hoping for. 

Moir felt that the king’s visit to France sparked some out-of-touch moments like “demand[ing] he was not served foie gras nor out-of-season vegetables such as asparagus” at the fancy Versailles dinner. She didn’t think Queen Camilla had a good time on the tour either, constantly fussing with her wardrobe as she was “battling to keep her hat on, fighting to keep her hems down.”


If Prince William thought he was going to escape Moir’s wrath, think again. His speech after announcing the finalists for the Earthshot Prize seemed to land with a thud. She called his public address “banal guff.” It left the writer wondering what would happen to the royal family since their focus seems to be wandering only a year after Queen Elizabeth’s passing. She didn’t once mention a family feud or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Moir placed all of the heat on the working royals.

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