Person Involved in Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Now Writing Tell-All Book

According to reports, one of the five alleged suspects involved in the 2016 robbery of Kim Kardashian is now writing a tell-all book.

Currently arrested and awaiting trial, Yunice Abbas is set to release, I Sequestered Kim Kardashian, early February. The unique book chronicles events that took place five years ago that made news all around the world.

Abbas notes how they broke into the Hotel de Pourtalès suite the celeb and her secretary were staying at for Fashion Week. The crew of robbers tied and gagged Kim, holding her at gunpoint to take $10 million USD worth of jewelry, including her engagement ring, before making their escape on bikes.

Some interesting details of the robbery included were that Kim tried to call 911, despite the emergency number in France being 112, and how the robbers used elderly people to collect intel on the celebrity.

Yunice Abbas’ strong display of guilt I Sequestered Kim Kardashian is set to release in France February 4.

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