Pete Davidson's rebound relationships show 'unspoken level of loneliness'

Emily Ratajkowski is the latest name in a long list of Pete Davidson’s ex-lovers as it has been reported the pair have moved ‘into the friends zone’ after just a month.

Prior to 31-year-old Emily, comedian Pete, 29, had dated Kim Kardashian, 42, and Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor, 27, and even been engaged to pop star Ariana Grande, 29, in a whirlwind relationship that lasted just five months.

It seems that former SNL star Pete lives life in the fast lane, with most of his A-List relationships ending within months.

Dating and relationship expert Christiana Maxion has exclusively told what may be behind Pete’s need for speed, with the answer actually being quite heartbreaking.

‘At the level of celebrity enjoyed by Pete Davidson and his seemingly always A-List beaus, being so famous comes with an unspoken level of loneliness as you feel so unable to live what is considered a “normal” life,’ Christiana says.

‘Certainly for Pete, who is now almost as known for his celebrity relationships as for his professional work – this life is so public and constantly analysed.

‘The constant cycle of high profile relationships shows that he clearly has difficulty in spending time alone with himself or being without a partner.

‘Seeking other high profile partners could be a deliberate consideration of this unique lifestyle and the need to be with somebody else who “gets it” – mere mortals never will – his partners are in a similar position to him and can relate.’

She adds: ‘The other side of this is that he could be looking for constant validation – his dating profile is set so high, again, with A-List, globally known women, that he gains validation from this part of the process and is addicted to pursuing relationships with such high profile females.

‘Is he trying to make previous exes jealous or convincing himself he is over them with the next? He could also be on a thrill seeking trajectory looking for the next “premium” partner, again, to validate his dating status.’

But what do people like Pete – who seemingly jumps from relationship to relationship – get from a rebound relationship?

‘The constant cycle of relationships could be because they are constantly trying to move onto the next “big” thing, constantly seeking something or someone “other” and “better” than the last.’

But Christiana warns it may not be the best thing to do, continuing: ‘Not fully dealing with a previous break up leads to rebounding in relationships, and distracts from emotions and issues that are not fully dealt with. It’s much easier to avoid the loneliness or rejection by getting involved with a new partner.’

‘Those that constantly bounce from relationship to relationship without taking the time to reflect and “date themselves” for a period of self reflection are usually searching for security in others rather than themselves – which is a huge “red flag” for any potential relationship or future partner.’

We hope you find real love soon, Pete.

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