Royal family changes which will take some getting used to after the Queen dies

As much as it sometimes seems the Queen will outlive us all, the truth is she's an elderly woman who has slowly been handing over responsibilities to Prince Charles and Prince William.

Once the Queen dies , there will be a 12-day period of national mourning. When the dust settles on that there'll be a few significant changes which will take many members of the public some getting used to.

After all, having been on the throne for 65 years, she's the only monarch the majority of us have known.

We know the national anthem will change to "God Save the King", it'll be "His Majesty" rather than "Her Majesty", coins and bank notes will have to be redesigned as will the cypher on post boxes, but there'll be some dramatic shifts within the Royal Family too.

1. Prince Edward gets a new title

Now this is an unexpected development.

Prince Edward, aka the Earl of Wessex, is one of the more low-key royals and he was not given a dukedom when he got married to Sophie.

The couple also decided against their kids being styled His or Her Royal Highness, but instead had them styled as the children of an Earl.

However, Edward not getting a ducal title wasn't a snub – it's because it's believed he'll be created Duke of Edinburgh after both Charles’s accession and Prince Philip’s death, PopSugar reports.

2. What on earth will Camilla be called?

Will Camilla be Queen Consort? A lot of the British public don't feel positively about that.

Interestingly, Charles won't be the first monarch to have to solve the conundrum about what to title their spouse.

Back at the start of the Queen's reign, the Duke of Edinburgh went through a period of not actually having a title. He was an "HRH", but not a "Prince".

He's been the Duke of Edinburgh since 1957, but he's not a Prince Consort like Prince Albert was. Keeping up? No, us neither.

With Camilla and Charles' complex romantic history, the question of what she'll be titled remains unanswered. Technically she is the Princess of Wales at the moment, but has never used that title (for obvious reasons).

So would she go with the title of Queen Consort? Watch this space…

Essentially, what all of this demonstrates is how bizarre and complicated being a royal is.

3. There's a new Prince of Wales

Another downside of being royal is, if you want a promotion, someone has to pop their clogs first. This is not an HR problem the rest of us have (at least, we hope not).

So, the Queen dies, Charles becomes king and that means there's a job opening for the position of the Prince of Wales.

As Charles' heir to the throne, this goes to William, who will also become the Duke of Cornwall, the Duke of Rothesay and heir apparent.

4.  Kate can finally be called a Princess

This is a funny one, because for so many of us Diana is absolutely synonymous with the title of Princess of Wales – hence Camilla not using it.

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