Secrets, exes, and sexual tension: all the key takeaways from episode 3 of And Just Like That…

Warning: this story contains spoilers from the third episode of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That.

Well, it’s taken us a full week to recover from that plot twist in the series premiere of And Just Like That. We tuned into the HBO Max revival of Sex And The City thinking the maximum amount of drama would come from how the show addressed the absence of Samantha, and what did we get? The death of Carrie’s one true love, Mr Big.

Yep, Carrie Bradshaw is now single again in the Big Apple, returning full circle to where the beloved show first started. Of course, she’s not alone, because two of her best friends are still by her side, embracing their 50s and navigating their own struggles. Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) is dyeing her hair and dealing with two headstrong teenage daughters, and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) has quit her corporate job to pursue a Master’s in human rights law (she’s also got a very hormonal teenage son on her hands).

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Yes, after almost 20 years away from our screens, things are very different on these Manhattan streets. But our three musketeers are ready to navigate all the changes life throws at them, with plenty of the same old heartbreak, humour and friendship. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but seeing as we’re all being forced to navigate life a bit differently right now, this reboot couldn’t have dropped at a better time. Shall we see what the third episode has in store for us?

And Just Like That: episode 3 of the Sex And The City reboot sees Carrie discover a shocking secret

1. Carrie is back at the podcast cracking one-liners. Che congratulates her on a good show, and Carrie’s got a joke for that, too. “Thank god my husband died!”

2. How has Carrie managed to make a bumbag look chic?

3. Carrie’s insisting on attending Che’s comedy concert at the end of the week. “You came to my funeral, I’m coming to your comedy show,” she says like a good grieving friend. She’s a better woman than me.

4. Miranda is striding along in white flairs like a statuesque ice queen. Legs for days!

5. She’s telling Carrie that she’s finally listened to the podcast, and that she loves Che. “She is funny!” she says casually, tucking a strand of hair coyly behind her ear. Remember what I said in the last recap about Che and Miranda?

6. Carrie’s invited Miranda to the comedy concert on Friday and she’s like a little excited puppy.

And Just Like That: Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in the Sex And The City reboot

7. The pair are now attending a reading of Big’s will. Carrie says she’s on the “home stretch” now, walking, talking and even thinking about eating!

8. Stanford has bumped into Charlotte in the restaurant where she’s meeting the girls for lunch and she’s uncomfortable because she’s only booked a table for three. Classic Charlotte.

9. It was really difficult to find a restaurant that Carrie hadn’t been to with either Big or Samantha, apparently. Ugh Charlotte, I feel your pain. 50% of London is off-limits to me because of exes.

10. Stanford’s now telling Charlotte that he thinks she’s threatened by his relationship with Carrie. Charlotte doing her wide eyes and pretending to be shocked.

11. Back at the lawyer’s office, Carrie’s discovered that Big has made a gift of $1 million dollars to Natasha Naginsky, his ex-wife. Well, that’s one way to spice up the reading of a will.

12. The lawyer’s now giving his unsolicited opinion. “In my experience, when people have unfinished business, they tend to throw money at it.” Not helpful, sir!

And Just Like That: Sara Ramírez as the non-binary, queer stand-up comedian Che Diaz

13. Too late, Carrie’s freaking out. One minute, you’re podcasting and washing your hair, the next minute, you’re just “one of the wives he was taking care of”. All together now: I curse the day you were born!

14. Everyone’s finally sat down at lunch. Carrie’s dominating the conversation, wondering why the hell Natasha’s in the will, as we all would be. “Well, he did destroy her life”, says Miranda wryly.

15. “Big’s gone and Natasha’s back,” says Carrie. I’ve got Eminem in my head.

16. We’re now back at Carrie’s apartment. She’s going stir-crazy trying to log into Big’s computer. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t do the same. We all know when there’s evidence! 

17. Charlotte’s reading a bedtime story to Rose when her daughter confesses that she doesn’t feel like a girl. Charlotte rolls off the bed.

18. We’re at Steve and Miranda’s place. Steve’s pondering whether it was a bad idea to let Brady and his girlfriend have sex in the house. Um yeah, Steve. Miranda stepped on a condom while she was barefoot!

19. Miranda agrees with me. “Why, do you have a time machine?”

And Just Like That: Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in the Sex And The City revival

20. We’re now at Anthony’s pizza kitchen, where Charlotte has brought Rose to help out making sourdough pizzas. During the pandemic, he says, he has to find a different kind of hand job to keep himself occupied.

21. Charlotte’s staging a not-so-casual conversation with Anthony and confiding in him about Rose. He thinks Charlotte is overreacting. He wanted to be Tinkerbell when he was younger, he says. Did his mother cut holes in his school blazer so he could grow wings and be a fairy?

22. Carrie’s spiralling in her attempts to find evidence that Big was up to no good. She’s telling Miranda that she’s already emailed Natasha and DM’d her on Instagram. Miranda has the correct shocked friend response, which is eating ice cream straight from the scoop.

23. Omg, Carrie’s now lying in wait in an SUV with tinted windows for Natasha. She’s going to stage a surprise visit.

24. Natasha has turned up to her office, looking cool, calm and collected. Meanwhile, a vein is twitching in Carrie’s temple.

24. Miranda and Charlotte migrate to a nearby Starbucks as back-up. Charlotte’s just discovered a little collection of empty minis in Miranda’s bag, which she politely ignores.

And Just Like That: the moment Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda spot Natasha in her office

25. Meanwhile, in Natasha’s office, Carrie’s in the waiting room in front of an enormous portrait of a sheep.

26. Miranda’s just confessed to Charlotte that she hasn’t had sex with Steve for years. “The only thing we’re passionate about is our dessert ritual,” she says. It does not sound like a bad trade-off to me.

27. Natasha’s assistant just told Carrie that Natasha is in Rome! 

28. Carrie’s fuming. She’s never felt so humiliated, she says to Miranda and Charlotte, just at the very moment when she looks up and spots Natasha at her window, looking down at the girls. Panic!

29. We’re at Miranda’s college, which Carrie has just walked to, if you can believe it, in platform heels. She tells Miranda that she feels like she used to years ago: nervous, insecure, desperate. Ugh, that one hit close to home. You never forget the way people make you feel, do you?

30. It must be divine intervention, because Carrie’s just walked in on Natasha on the loo in a hipster café!  OK, they’re equal now, Carrie’s has seen Natasha on her throne.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker reprises her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the SATC reboot

31. There’s nothing for it now but to have a conversation. Natasha says she doesn’t have a clue why Big left her the money. Carrie apologies for everything. Natasha says she doesn’t know why Big married her when he was always in love with Carrie. They agree not to follow each other on Instagram. How civil.

32. We’re at Che’s comedy concert. There’s a huge crowd and the pandemic is clearly long gone, sob.

33. Che’s on fire. Charlotte’s getting teary. Miranda’s starstruck and wants to go to the VIP afterparty. Of course she does.

34. Carrie and Charlotte are getting in a taxi and Miranda’s lingering behind. She’s going to the afterparty, and looking amazing, it has to be said.

35. Oh no, she’s full-on fangirling in front of Che. Che’s asking Miranda if she wants some weed. Miranda’s declining. Che’s suggesting they shotgun her instead. Miranda’s just… agreed!

36. Time has stood still. Che is blowing smoke into Miranda’s mouth and it’s like her soul has departed her body.

37. In the taxi, Charlotte’s confiding in Carrie that she thinks Miranda has a drinking problem. Um, Charlotte, Carrie has a lot on her plate right now. 

38. Carrie’s been dropped off at her apartment but she hasn’t gone inside. We all know where she’s going…

39. She’s back at her old apartment. “And just like that, I walked myself home”. 

The first three episodes of And Just Like That are available to watch now on Sky and NowTV. 

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