Sideswipe: March 1 – Daft punk cover band or mask?

A new face mask that not only filters air but also prevents facial recognition. Blanc is purportedly a “full-face modular mask” that filters air through two “high-efficiency, reusable, and replaceable HEPA filters” that last up to 14 days. It, uh, also has a one-way visor, adjustable straps, and 100+ magnetic panels and visors. So, in case the futuristic monochrome egg aesthetic just isn’t cool enough, you could go Westie styles and snap on a leopard print panel.

Landmark divorce ruling

A Chinese court ordered a man to pay thousands of dollars to his ex-wife as compensation for housework performed during their five-year marriage. Her claim also said he had not participated in raising their child and “barely cared about or participated in any kind of domestic chores”. The woman had demanded restitution equivalent to $24,700 from her husband, but the court determined she was only entitled to financial compensation equivalent to $7700. The landmark ruling was made possible by China’s new civil code, which states a spouse is entitled to seek compensation in a divorce if they consider they bear more responsibility in raising children, assisting their partner or caring for elderly relatives. Before, divorcing couples could only split tangible property, and housework constitutes intangible property value. The ruling sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media, with most people expressing their outrage at the small payout the woman received for five years of housework.”I’m a bit speechless, the work of a full-time housewife is being underestimated. In Beijing, hiring a nanny for a year costs more than 50,000 yuan [$10,670],” someone commented. “Ladies, remember to always be independent. Don’t give up work after marriage, give yourself your own way out,” another person wrote.

NZ On Air?

A small love story

My son proposed to his fiancee about six months ago and she said yes. They’re super happy, we love her family, too.I just found out today that another girl is in love with him and plans to propose next week … should I say anything? Oh, and also, he’s 4. They’re all 4. (Via @aSouthernPenny)

Did you know…

1. The total volume of Covid-19 particles in the world takes up roughly the same amount of space as half a can of Coke.
2. A new study has found that techno is the musical genre “least effectiveat reducing anxiety”.
3. The word “scruple” derives from the Latin for “small sharp stone”. A scrupulous person feels guilt like a stone in their shoe.
4. The Incas based their measurement of time on how long it took to boil a potato.

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