Sony Reportedly Warns That PS5 Delays Will Continue Through 2022

Sony‘s Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki recently told a group of analysts that delays to the PlayStation 5 restock will likely last until next year, according to Bloomberg.

Sources who attended the private briefing told the outlet that Totoki said demand for the device remained high.

“I don’t think demand is calming down this year and even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldn’t be able to catch up with demand,” he said.

The device was initially released in November to high demand but continues to be difficult to buy, in part due to delays caused by a global shortage of computer chips. Still, the PS5 has shattered records as the fastest-selling gaming console in America, according to analyst firm NPD Group. The scarcity of the consoles were likely even further impacted by the disruption to the global supply chain caused by the Ever Given shipping container that become lodged in the Suez Canal in March.

According to Bloomberg, Totoki told analysts that Sony needed to increase production of the consoles in order to mitigate disaster, assuring that demand for the PS5 will continue.

“We have sold more than 100 million units of the PlayStation 4 and considering our market share and reputation, I can’t imagine demand dropping easily,” he said.

It’s unclear how much longer the global chip shortage will last, though several major tech companies said last month that the industry may see delays for years to come.
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