Sotheby’s Is Auctioning a Sculpture of George Floyd and Breaonna Taylor

Confront Art is auctioning two influential sculptures of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in Sotheby’s Contemporary Art sale.

The two busts were made by artist Chris Caranbuci as part of the art collective’s SEEINJUSTICE series. Each is composed of more than 200 layers of CNC cut plywood and is based on original 3D models by the father-son duo, Daniel Edwards and Rodman Edwards.

“We are still very much fighting for justice for Breonna,” said Tamika Palmer, mother to Breonna Taylor. “This project not only captures Breonna’s spirit, it is a monument standing for a call to justice for her, and the others who have suffered the same fate, and a beautiful way [to] honor her life.”

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FLOYD stands at six feet tall, while Breonna: Oya (kí èmí wa gùn kí ikú wa kúrú) is roughly four feet high. The latter work also features the Yoruba traditions of Nigerian artist, Láolú Senbanjo (also known as Láolú NYC). Both are currently available to bid on as part of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art sale, which will end on December 17 at 9:44am PST. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Breonna Taylor Foundation and WE ARE FLOYD.

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