SpaceX Launched a Record-Breaking 143 Satellites Into Space

Over the weekend, SpaceX managed to launch a record-breaking amount of satellites via its Transporter-1 in what the company called a “ride-share” mission.

The launch consisted of a whopping 143 satellites, 133 of which were either for government or business purposes. The remaining 10 were for the company’s very own Starlink network, an orbital high-speed Internet project which launched its first satellites back in May of 2019. Combined, the company said that it was “the most spacecraft ever deployed on a single mission.” Transporter-1 also utilized SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, a reusable two-stage launcher that allows part of the rocket to detach and safely land back onto a drone ship.

Check out the videos of the launch itself and the deploying of the satellites above and below.

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