Steve From ‘Blue’s Clues Recalls Playboy Model Date With Wild Twist In Resurfaced Video

Original “Blue’s Clues” host Steve Burns broke the internet this week with his message to fans marking the 25th anniversary of the iconic Nick Jr. show.

With the outpouring of emotion over the nostalgia-inducing clip, an old video in which Burns talked about becoming “fame-ish” has now gone viral too. And it contains quite the tale about a date with a Playboy model that took a turn.

In the video filmed for storytelling nonprofit The Moth circa 2011, Burns recalled the model asking him out via fan mail with a glossy photograph of herself. He initially dismissed the invite but the show’s animators egged him on.

Burns set a date with the model but it was “immediately awkward” when he arrived at her house, he said. One of her first lines to him was, “I thought you’d be taller.” She towered over him.

They had “nothing to talk about,” said Burns, who tried to turn things around by crashing a “Blue’s Clues”-themed children’s party that was coincidentally taking place in the same street.

“I thought, believe it or not, this is the only game you have, man,” he recalled.

Burns had the costume in his trunk. He stopped by the party and the children and the model loved it. But when they finally got to a restaurant, she was “kind of mean,” he said. Back at his place, she danced for him in front of The Big Red Chair and repeatedly asked him to “sing that song about the mail.” He refused.

When Burns took her home, her mother brought out some drawings.

“This was an elaborate plot to pitch me a children’s television show about giant, inflatable balloon animals called ‘The Balloonies,’” he said. “It was just awful.”

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