Study Reveals Which NBA Players Receive the Most Hate on Social Media

A new study published reveals which NBA players are trolled the most on social media.

The look into fan interaction compiled 3,000 tweets directed towards various players in the league from October 2020 to January 2021. Utilizing online analytics tool SEMrush, the tweets were sorted for positive, negative and neutral words.

Leading the list of players that received the most hate on social media is Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry with 27.9 percent of his mentions expressing a negative tone. Followed by Russell Westbrook (24.6 percent), Joel Embiid (22.3 percent), LeBron James (22.1 percent), Kevin Durant (21.7 percent) and Kyrie Irving (20.7 percent).

Interestingly Stephen Curry also receives quite a lot of positivity with 47.5 percent of his mentions being positive. The only player that received the most love from fans is Kevin Love at 53.3 percent, while LeBron follows down the list at 46.7 percent, with Blake Griffin (46.7 percent) and Carmelo Anthony (46.1 percent) trailing shortly behind.

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