Thomas the Tank Engine Becomes a Boss Fight In 'Elden Ring'

After making an appearance in Resident Evil Village, one of the gaming world’s most oddly beloved characters has made a return in FromSoftware‘s latest hit: Thomas the Tank Engine is now a fightable boss in Elden Ring.

The iconic locomotive has now joined the game via a new mod by the team over at Garden of Eyes, a gaming YouTube channel featuring tutorial videos for FromSoftware’s titles. Featured in the video above, you’ll see Thomas replace the Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight, soaring up into the sky before pummeling down at your character with a hauntingly empty look on his face. Much like the dragon itself, he’ll even breathe fire at you.

Unfortunately, Garden of Eyes hasn’t released the mod to the public just yet, and there’s no telling whether it’ll be in the public domain anytime soon, so those interested in taking down a flying Thomas the Tank Engine should definitely be on the lookout for more updates from the channel.

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