Vans and Supreme Parent Company, VF Corp, Will Also Fire Unvaccinated Employees

According to reports, Vans, Supreme, Timberland and The North Face parent company, VF Corporation will also fire unvaccinated employees. The news comes after word of Nike reportedly firing Some unvaccinated corporate employees this weekend.

VF Corp employees were notified via email that as soon as January 31, 2022, unvaccinated persons would be terminated without severance.

It is important to note that back in October, an internal email warned that beginning January 1, 2022, all office-based U.S. employees would need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Unless an approved medical exemption was secured by January 31, 2022, they would be terminated without severance. Last month, approximately 30 employees at the Vans headquarters in Costa Mesa, California stood in protest of the call for vaccination. Employees left their Vans shoes and handwritten notes sharing their thoughts on the matter in the courtyard of the office complex.

“Associates who are unable to receive a vaccine due to a medical reason, sincerely held religious belief, or other exemption provided by state or local law can request an accommodation/exemption,” wrote VF Senior Director of Corporate Affairs Colin Wheeler in an email to Outside Business Journal. “If any associate does not have proof of an accommodation by January 1, they will be prevented from accessing our facilities and will be required to work from home, while they consult with their manager on next steps. If by January 31, they have not received an approved accommodation, they will be separated from the company and will not receive severance.”

The requirement currently only affects VF Corp’s office-based US employees, but the next phase in the Spring will also apply for other U.S. associates. It is currently unclear if retail employees will also be affected.

The Supreme Court recently ruled a split decision regarding a charge that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration overstepped its authority by requiring vaccine/testing requirements for companies of over 100 employees.

In case you missed it, Nike is reportedly firing some unvaccinated corporate employees this weekend.
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