Vetements FW22 Is All About Affluence in the New Era of Cryptocurrency

Vetements Fall/Winter 2022 is inspired by the new age of wealth and aristocracy. The collection intends to redefine couture and savoir-faire that speaks to this generation’s new social and economic phenomenon driven by crypto and social media millionaires who have risen to fame and wealth by simply embracing themselves in the digital sphere.

This collection sees Vetements embrace some of their greatest technological breakthroughs by constructing tailored pieces from jersey and molton, typically only used for t-shirts and hoodies. The handiwork for these pieces utilizes traditional patternmaking as well as digital 3D pattern modification to mirror couture silhouettes. The finishing touches of the pieces are put stitched, sewed and pinched to create dramatic, exaggerated shapes.

In the current era of fashion where versatility is of utmost importance, Vetements has created transformable pieces where jeans and pants can be of different lengths for separate occasions. Coats can also be turned into jackets and padding can be detached on outerwear pieces depending on the weather. With the Y2K trend still in full fledge, Vetements has taken velour tracksuits and transformed them into evening gowns, tops with integrated gloves and bathrobes bonded together by molton morph to create evening coats.

The lookbook is showcased on a set that Vetement has printed 1000 of fake one million dollar bills to reference the illusive nature of wealth. Nowadays, having one million followers or dollars has been a market of success. With the collection, Vetement hopes to spark consumers in asking themselves what they believe to be wealth.

Take a scroll through the Vetements FW22 collection above.

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