Why Amazon Prime’s latest comedy series Frank of Ireland is a must-watch

Written by Florie Mwanza

Starring Peaky Blinders’ Brian Gleeson, comedy TV series Frank of Ireland comes to Amazon Prime on 16 of April. The show follows hapless hero, Frank Marron’s ill-conceived attempts at earning the world’s respect.

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Frank in Ireland is the latest addition to Amazon Prime’s comedy offering, which will also be airing on Channel 4. The show introduces Frank Marron as a “32-year-old catastrophe”, whose life of high-jinks is wearing pretty thin on his mother – whose spare room he still lives in.

The show’s cast features a who’s who of Irish comedic talent, and is the brainchild of brothers and co-writers, Brian and Domnhall Gleeson.

If you’re in need of a show to lighten the mood or make you feel better about how your life trajectory, here’s everything you need to know about the hilarious Frank of Ireland.

Brian Gleeson plays hapless hero Frank Marron.

What’s the plot of Frank of Ireland?

Frank is a “misanthropic, narcissistic, fantasist in arrested development who thinks the world owes him something.”

The Dublin-set, six-part comedy series follows the 33 year old hapless hero on his misguided attempts at asserting his place in the world, with appearances from the long-suffering mother he still lives with, and his aptly-named wingman, Doofus,

Channel 4 – who co-produced the show with Amazon Prime – says viewers can expect each thirty-minute episode to be packed with “a physical and ridiculous brand of humour with an original twist.”

Is there a trailer for Frank of Ireland?

You can watch the hilarious trailer for Amazon Prime’s Frank of Ireland – co-written by Brian and Domnhall Gleeson here:

Who stars in Frank of Ireland?

Frank Marron is played by Brian Gleeson, who you might recognise from his more menacing role as Hughie in Peaky Blinders.

Brian’s brother and writing partner, Domnhall, who’s most recently starred in The Revenant, Ex-Machina, and The Force Awakens, plays Doofus.

Pom Boyd is Frank’s mother, Mary, (Rialto, Snakes & Ladders), while Sarah Greene (Dublin Murders, Normal People) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Dublin MurdersAvengers: Endgame) round out the supporting cast.

What is Frank of Ireland’s release date?

Frank of Ireland is available to stream on Amazon Prime from 16 April, with a transmission date on channel 4 to be announced.

Images: Channel 4 and Amazon Studios

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