Why Prince William’s Plan to End Homelessness Is Being Labeled ‘Hypocritical’

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Prince William is working hard to promote his homelessness initiative, which officially has a name: Homewards. His five-year plan find housing solutions in six different locations in the U.K. However, not everyone is enthralled with the Prince of Wales’ action plan. 

The anti-monarchy group, Republic, which has remained a thorn in King Charles III’s side since his coronation, is now setting their sights on William. They are calling his initiative “performative” because “homelessness is a political issue that needs a government response.” In a statement shared with Yahoo UK, the group continued, “The royals spend hundreds of millions a year on themselves. Until they sort that out this kind of thing is hypocritical nonsense. As with Earthshot, this is a small project blown out of proportion by palace PR and the media. It will not tackle homelessness.”

This criticism of William aligns with what Christopher Andersen, author of Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, believes is his way of staying “relevant” in a time when the royal family feels very unrelatable. “William has assumed a huge burden as Prince of Wales. The future of a teetering monarchy rests squarely on his shoulders,” he told Fox News. And royal historian Dr. Ed Owens issued a word of caution to William, via Yahoo UK, about diving headfirst into politics as a member of the royal family.

“The impact of this kind of royal philanthropy is also more complex than it at first seems,” Dr. Owens warned. “Whilst on the surface William’s plans seem admirable, they are also profoundly political and speak to much deeper failings within Britain to properly address the social ill of homelessness.” But William seems confident that his plan is on the right track despite the criticism from outside sources, and the next five years will be crucial to making his initiative, and his future reign, a success.

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