10 Richest Toy Companies

Everybody loves toys, but most people don’t realize just how profitable the most popular toy manufacturers are. Everybody is bound to have some sort of toy in their household, whether they’re a college student or a family.

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When you buy your child the doll that they’ve been asking for or get a new toy for your niece or nephew, you’re not shelling out that much money. Plastic toys are often cheap, and it’s easy not to realize the profits that the company that made the toy reaps. Here are the 10 richest toy companies.

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10 Lego

Lego is undoubtedly one of the most popular toy brands in the world and has an excellent business model that made them $6,757 million in 2019. Lego not only sells incredibly simple building blocks but they can keep a child or adult occupied for hours on end.

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Lego stores can be seen all around the world and these stores have incredible sculptures made of Legos to attract people of all backgrounds and ages. 

9 Bandai Namco

Next on this list is a company that you most likely have never heard of. Bandai Namco is the name of a parent company of toys that you may have played with or purchased at some point in your life. Some brands controlled by Bandai Namco are Power Rangers, Tamagotchi, Digimon, and Gundam.

Bandai Namco Holdings made $1,630 million this year and owes this incredible success to its powerful line of toys along with its side businesses. Bandai Namco also makes stationery products, clothes, accessories, and even arcade games, game machines, and even animations alongside live TV content.

8 Fisher-Price

Next up on this list is Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price is a subsidiary of the Mattel company and has been producing toys since the 1930s. Fisher-Price is Mattel’s kid’s toys subsidiary and produces toys for infants and toddlers that are typically developmental tools and learning aids that are also fun games.

Fisher-Price has produced thousands of toys over the past 90 years and is best known for its popular Power Wheels series, Rock-a-stack and the Chatter Telephone. Fisher-Price also makes its money by producing other goods like baby gear that includes car seats, strollers, bouncers and infant seats as well. This year they have brought in $655 million.

7 Nerf

Next, we have Nerf. Nerf produces toy guns that fire foam darts, disks and even arrows and is a popular toy among American children. Nerf made $411 million this year and began as a simple manufacturer of dart shooting guns. Today, Nerf produces a myriad of products.

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The Nerf zombie line shoots disks and has its guns coated with a unique green color and the Nerf Mega Line uses giant darts shot from giant guns that can travel a magnificent distance with surprising accuracy. Nerf also makes disk blasters and automated guns that are powered by AA batteries for automatic shooting.

6 Barbie

While Fisher-Price made $812 million in 2018, Barbie brought in $414 million that year, which can likely be attributed to its very confined target demographic: young girls. Barbie is Mattel’s signature product and began as a simple plastic doll that was meant to emphasize fashion. Barbie dolls come with an outfit and accessories such as combs and hair-pins.

Other dresses and accessories can be purchased and each doll customized. Barbies have been incredibly popular since their launch in 1959. In 2019, the company has made $372 million.

5 Hasbro

Next on the list is Hasbro, which, like Mattel and Bandai Namco, owns many subsidiaries that it brands itself under. Hasbro, is, in fact, the second most profitable toy manufacturer in the world, second only to Mattel. Some of the subsidiaries which Hasbro owns are Play-doh, Mr. Potato Head and Nerf Balls, but it is known for its board games division. Hasbro had a net revenue of $4.58 billion in 2018.

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Hasbro brands board games under multiple subsidiaries such as Parker Brothers, which makes Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit; Milton Bradley which produces Candy Land and Scrabble, and even Cranium. Hasbro also makes playing cards and even trading cards.

4 My Little Pony

Next is a subsidiary of Hasbro, My Little Pony. The brand was launched all the way back in 1982 but faced a series of hardships and was discontinued, only to be brought back and discontinued again until its 2010 re-release.

My Little Pony performed well and it has grossed $251 million in 2019. In addition to the ponies, My Little Pony also sells other goods and toys and launched a television cartoon series. Some of these products include children’s bedding, decorations, books, plush toys, and even clothes.

3 Mobile Suit Gundam

Next on this list is a television series which also makes toys. Mobile Suit Gundam is an anime series that has aired 43 episodes . The show is about a military science-fiction animation that features real robots.

The games made by Mobile Suit Gundam are giant robots that are dressed in huge suits of armor and handle weapons of destruction. Mobile Suit Gundam also has a myriad of video games and its unique games has made them stand out and develop a very specific media profile. Mobile Suit Gundam made $249 million in 2019.

2 Hot Wheels

Another subsidiary of Mattel is Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels is a very popular toy car manufacturer and has made $234 million this year. While Hot Wheels first began by making cars for children, it eventually moved into the adult market and today it makes incredibly detailed scale-model replicas of actual cars that are limited editions for adult collectors.

Hot Wheels is also a popular toy car maker because its parent company, Mattel, spends a ton of money to obtain the rights to produce these cars, which enables them to access original blueprints and make incredibly detailed toys.

1 Mattel

Finally, concluding this list is Mattel. Mattel is the number one toy manufacturer in the United States and makes most its profit through its subsidiaries. Mattel toys brought in $198 million in 2019. The most famous brands under which Mattel brands its products are Barbie, which is the most famous doll in the history of the world, and Fisher-Price for the toddlers and even Hot-Wheels, which was just mentioned above.

Mattel sells its products in stores such as Walmart, Target and used to retail them in Toys r Us, but has recently made a move to sell them online in efforts to increase revenue and accessibility.

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