12 Cheap Gucci belts: our guide to saving money on the must-have accessory

IF you're looking to Guccify your wardrobe, then why not find yourself a cheap Gucci belt? Adding a touch of the Italian designer to your look doesn't have to cost thousands.

Loved by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other style icons, Gucci belts are a timelessly classic investment. Cheap Gucci belts in multi-brand stores start from around £240.

When you know where to shop, you can save a lot of money on delivery too as some luxury retailers offer free shipping for click-and-collect.

Whether you're after a statement, Alessandro-Michele gem-embellished belt, or one of the classics with the golden GG logo, there are so many out there.

They add an ostentatious yet sleek touch of boujee to any ensemble, smart or casual, and with many under the £300 mark, they’re also the easiest way to buy into the brand.

In fact, they’re so popular that high street retailers worldwide are unapologetically replicating them with similar gold-plated styles.

So for those whose budget doesn’t match up to the Gucci Gang, don’t worry, we’ve also added a few of those replicas at the end of our list too. Here are the cheapest Gucci belts on the market this year:

Cheapest Gucci belts at Selfridges

1. Gucci Double G Buckle Thin Leather Belt

  • Gucci Double G Thin Leather Belt, £300 – buy here

Sleek, minimal and oh-so classic: the Gucci Double G Thin Leather Belt is on the cheaper end of the Gucci belt spectrum, but it's at the most chic end.

Complete with the signature gold GG plating, this belt is subtle enough to wear day-in-day-out, stepping up both your casual-wear game and your evening looks. And it's £300, which is much cheaper than your average Gucci accessory.

2. Gucci Logo-Buckle Leather Belt

  • Gucci Logo-Buckle Leather Belt, £330  – buy here

The new season Gucci Logo-Buckle Leather Belt takes the classic G and makes it groovy.

Featuring a smooth leather finish, it's a belt that is sure to become a best-seller for its sleek, '70s style.

3. Gucci GG Logo Leather and Suede Belt

  • Gucci GG Logo Leather and Suede Belt, £440 – buy here

This Gucci GG Logo Leather and Suede Belt is one of the more expensive designs on offer at Selfridges, also part of Gucci's new season collection.

Even though it is priced at £440, you can opt for Selfridges' complimentary Click and Collect service and pick it up the following day.

Cheapest Gucci belts at Farfetch

4. Gucci Bamboo-Effect Buckle Belt

  • Gucci Bamboo-Effect Buckle Belt, £250  – buy here

This might be the cheapest Gucci Belt available on Farfetch, but it's actually one of our favourite because the branding is so elegantly subtle.

It's over £800 cheaper than the most expensive one on the site (the Double G Torchon Buckle Belt) as well which is a huge saving, if you look at it like that.

5. Gucci Leather belt with interlocking G buckle

  • Gucci Leather belt with interlocking G buckle, £290 – buy here

At Farfetch, delivery prices differ according to item but for the Gucci Leather Belt with interlocking G buckle, it's only a fiver! From the hand-painted edges, to the shiny gold GG hardware, this luxury leather piece is a great price compared to others, at £290.

6. Gucci Double G Buckle Web Belt

  • Gucci Double G Buckle Web Belt, £285 – buy here

Gucci's red and green web print is as instantly-recognisable as the gold-toned GG logo, so the Gucci Double B Buckle Web Belt is a winner all round.

Shipped for £5, it's another signature, best-selling piece from Gucci for £285 which is much cheaper than mother designs – wear yours with relaxed tailoring at work and straight-leg denim on weekends.

Cheapest Gucci belts at Mytheresa

7. Gucci GG Leather Belt

  • Gucci GG Leather Belt, £300 – buy here

Starting at £285, MyTheresa has a stylish range of Gucci belts, like this ruby red New Cherry leather number that's priced at £300.

It's just the right width to work well with dressed-up-or-down outfits, simply add some clashing prints to really go Gucci. At MyTheresa, delivery is a little pricier at £10, but you can add a personalised gift card which makes it a great place to send a present directly to your loved one.

8. Gucci CC Supreme Belt

  • Gucci CC Supreme Belt, £285 – buy here

One of the cheapest Gucci belts on MyTheresa is the Gucci CC Supreme Belt, available for £285 with express delivery priced at £10 (it takes 1-2 days).

The Gucci monogram will always be a classic, even decades down the line, so we'd see this accessory as a lifetime investment. Take with that what you will.

9. Gucci GG Leather Belt

  • Gucci GG leather belt, £290 from MyTheresa – buy here

Sophisticated, sleek and oh-so versatile. The Gucci GG Leather Belt is complete with a pale gold clasp with the trademark double G.

And it's only £290, which is a steal for a timeless piece that'll only get more valuable with age.

Cheapest GUCCI belts at Flannels

10. Gucci Marmont GG Slim Belt

  • Gucci Marmont GG Slim Belt, £300 from Flannels – buy here

The cheapest belt at Flannels is the effortlessly chic Marmont GG Slim Belt, made from sturdy black leather that'll age really well through the years.

If you're unsure what belt to invest in, then the black Marmont is perfect as it hasn't gone out of fashion ever since it was released at Alessandro Michele's debut for Gucci in 2015. At Flannels, delivery starts at £6.99, which is cheaper than some retailers.

11. Gucci Marmont 2cm Belt

  • Gucci Marmont 2cm Belt, £265 from Flannels – buy here

Want something slightly more unique? The Gucci Marmont also comes in this rose-tinted Mystic White colourway with a silver GG logo.

Style it with lighter denim, neutral hues and silver jewellery.

12. Gucci GG Supreme Womens Belt

  • Gucci GG Supreme Womens Belt, £275 from Flannels – buy here

Another Gucci belt at the lower price point on Flannels is the GG Supreme, featuring the Italian house's famous fabric monogram set on dark brown leather.

We can see this becoming even more valuable as a vintage item to pass down to the lucky younger generations in your family.

Best High Street Gucci-inspired Belts

13 (top left to right)

  1. Black Double Ring Buckle Belt, £10 from PrettyLittleThing – buy here
  2. Double Circle Buckle Belt, £2.99 from Shein – buy here
  3. ASOS DESIGN Gold Twist Buckle Waist and Hip Jeans Belt in Black from ASOS – buy here
  4. Cream Leather-Look Gem Buckle Belt, £12.99 from New Look – buy here
  5. V by Very Two Pack Leo Double Buckle Belts – Black/Tan, £20 from Very – buy here

As an easy-to-style, chic accessory, the golden GG buckle belt has been replicated in so many forms across the high-street, from PrettyLittleThing and Very to John Lewis and Shein.

There's even a stunning embellished take at New Look for less than £13. These are the fucci belts.

How much do Gucci belts cost?

Gucci belts for adults start at just over £200 and go up to over £1000, whereas children's belts start at £100 and go up to £160. Currently, the cheapest Gucci belt for women with the GG buckle starts at £249, as seen on our list, and the most expensive is £1060.

The cheapest Gucci belt for men is priced at around £250, and the most expensive is £1070.

And finally, the cheapest belt for kids is £100, and the priciest is £160.

How can you tell if a Gucci belt is fake?

The best way to avoid accidentally purchasing a fake Gucci belt is to purchase directly from the brand or a trusted retailer, such as Selfridges.

To check if your Gucci belt is real, have a look at the serial number. It should be 21 digits long, and start with the numbers "114" or "223".

If your Gucci belt is missing a serial number or has one which starts with "1212", then we're afraid it's almost certainly fake.

Another way to tell is to inspect the quality. If the material is fraying, the stitching isn't straight or it's missing the Gucci stamp, then these are all tell-tell signs that your belt isn't authentic.

Where can I get a Gucci belt?

As you can see from our shopping guide, you don't have to head straight to Gucci to shop for the best, cheapest Gucci belts.

Although of course, you can visit one of Gucci's physical stores, or head to their website too.

Luxury retailers that stock them include Selfridges, Farfetch, Flannels, MyTheresa, Liberty, Net-a-Porter and MatchesFashion – we're sure there are luxury outlets around the U.K. where you'll find them too.


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How should a Gucci belt fit?

You don't need us to tell you that your belt should not be way too big, or way too small. If it's too big, you run the risk of having to pierce another hole to get it to fit – always get it done professionally.

You should always get a belt that comes up slightly bigger than your waist size so that the buckle pin fits through one of the middle holes, if it goes through the first or last, it's usually a bit off for size.

Of course, it also depends on where you're going to be wearing it on your body, as wearing it around your waist will require a smaller belt than if you're wearing it around your hips. So, keep that in mind too!

How to shorten a Gucci belt

Just like any belt, Gucci belts can be made shorter if you fasten the clasp on a tighter hole.

If there isn't a hole tight enough for you and you've bought the smallest size, official Gucci stores actually offer a service to add them for free, or you can get your local shoe-mending shop to sort it out for you.

Shoe repair shops usually also offer the service of physically shortening belts, if the size is way too big.

Does a Gucci Belt come with a box?

In the majority of retailers, Gucci belts come in a dust bag to keep them in tip-top condition, and they're packaged in a branded Gucci box made of cardboard.

Generally, though, the appearance of your beloved Gucci delivery depends on where you're shopping as every retailer has a different way of packaging their goods.


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