3 New Year’s Eve Rituals That’ll Add Some Magic To Your 2020 Intentions

Setting goals for ourselves as we embark on a new year is basically standard practice at this point. Though New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for not surviving long outside of January-land, using simple rituals for New Year’s Eve 2019 can help you make space for personal reflection, process the lessons you’ve learned over the past year, and get in touch with your powerful inner witch. Plus, spending time, energy, and intention on your goals through ritual work adds a little bit of an extra sparkle to them that may just inspire you to follow through.

While New Year’s Eve is typically a party night reserved for whichever whistle-and-balloon-filled end-of-year celebration you choose to attend, it’s also a fantastic time to chill, reflect on how you’ve grown in the past year (and in this case, past decade), and work with the major ~fresh-start vibes~ to energize a personal spell or ritual. "Remember that spells work by directing energy toward a goal," explained author and magical arts practitioner Mackenzie Sage Wright in an article on Exemplore. "[O]n New Year’s Eve, when everyone is shouting ‘Happy New Year,’ there is a tremendous release of energy — not just in your own home or neighborhood, but in the entire time zone … take advantage of it!" Also, hello, who says you can’t do both?! I love the idea of doing an intention-setting ritual solo, then heading out for a fun, social, celebratory evening with friends.

Remember, before you begin any ritual, creating a sacred space to conduct it is a must. If you have an altar and ritual space set up already, great — but if you don’t, that’s OK! Just be sure to choose a quiet, private area where you’ll feel comfortable, won’t be interrupted, and can complete the tasks involved. Cleanse yourself and your space prior to the ritual (you can burn a smudge stick like sage or palo santo, place bowls of cleansing salt in your ritual space, or use any other form of energetic cleansing that resonates with you!). Lastly, if you follow a nature based faith, you may want to call upon the elements and consecrate the corners, or use another traditional pre-ritual preparation ceremony before you begin.

Whether you choose to spend the entirety of your NYE getting witchy with your coven at home or simply want to perform a quick spell for yourself before heading out to your planned festivities, I’ve compiled a few you can choose from. And each of them will help launch your New Year’s intentions into the ether in the most mystical of fashions.

Elemental Wiccan New Year’s Intention Spell

Samhain (aka Halloween) is known as the Witches’ New Year, while the Spring Equinox (aka the start of Aries season) is known as the astrological new year — and of course, in our Gregorian calendar, the new year starts on Jan. 1! While the following spell is inspired by a specifically Wiccan New Year’s ritual created by Wiccan Spells, you can use it to ring in the Jan. 1 new year as well.

What you’ll need: 1 black candle; 1 quartz crystal; a chalice and water; incense of your choosing; a small jar; a paper and pen.

What to do: Begin the ritual by writing on your piece of paper a list of the top personal goals, intentions, and energies that you’d like to bring into your life this coming year. Allow yourself time to clear your mind so that your intuition can guide you toward your soul desires. Follow your excitement!

Now, it’s time to honor the four elements that guide us through each year. Begin by lighting your stick or cone of incense to honor the element of air. Say the following aloud, as instructed by Wiccan Spells: "With air I cleanse the past / To prepare for a prosperous new year." As the smoke of the incense swirls, imagine it carrying away any negativity or blocks that stand in the way of your personal goals, making you feel light and mobile.

Now, it’s time to evoke fire. Light the black candle (which is believed to transmute negativity, banish evil, and promote strength and power). Now, say aloud: "With fire I ignite the future / To prepare for a prosperous new year," as advised by Wiccan Spells. As the candle burns, visualize the struggles of the past year being transmuted and transformed into growth and learning through the power of the flame. Allow the candle to burn throughout the rest of the ritual.

Moving on next to water. Fill your chalice (or, if you don’t have one, whatever special cup, glass, or receptacle you have on hand that’s meaningful to you!) with water. Holding the chalice in your hands, say aloud: "With water I vitalise the future / To prepare for a prosperous new year," again, as instructed by Wiccan Spells. Now, think of your intentions, holding the cup of water to your heart. Envision the power of your intentions filling the glass, infusing with every molecule of water. Now slowly drink the water from the chalice.

Now, take the piece of paper on which you’ve written your intentions for the new year. Wrap the piece of paper around your quartz crystal (quartz is believed to have the power to amplify whatever energies its charged with). This portion of the ritual is designed to honor the final element, earth. Hold your intentions and crystal in your hand, speaking, "With earth I manifest my wishes / To welcome a prosperous new year." Then place it inside of the jar, which you can keep on your altar or another safe place in your home.

As you wrap up the ritual, say the following incantation aloud, which is adapted from Wiccan Spells:

As you close the ritual, allow some time for meditation and reflection on your intentions.

Prosperity Charm Ritual For The New Year

We’re entering a brand-new decade, so creating a talisman to carry with you and promote good luck and fortune as you enter a new chapter of your life is major. Many of us are trying to manifest prosperity, financial freedom, and success in our careers and businesses this year, so let’s work a little magic to make the 2020s rip-roarin’. The following spell is based on a lovely New Year’s Eve abundance ritual created by Mackenzie Sage Wright on Exemplore.

What you’ll need: 1 gold or golden-colored coin; 1 square piece of green or brown cloth; 1 piece of gold or green ribbon; a small bowl full of cinnamon; 4 seeds of your choosing.

What to do: If possible, perform the first portion of this ritual during the daylight on Dec. 31 so as to infuse the items that will comprise your new charm with the warm, life-giving energy of the sunshine — and the power of the last sun rays of the decade. You may then perform the charging portion at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Begin by laying out your piece of fabric on the earth outdoors, visualizing it as a lush, fertile, earthy foundation (like soil or grass) through which your intentions will bloom. Pour the ground cinnamon (an herb that represents the energy of the Sun, fire, and taking action) into a pile in the center of your cloth.

Now, take your seeds in your hand. In this ritual, these seeds represent your intentions and all the possibilities that spring forth through them. "Start thinking about the four seeds you will be planting this year to ensure financial success: financial planning, wise investments/savings, being frugal and working hard," wrote Sage of each seed’s symbolism. Holding them in your palm, close your eyes and visualize yourself working hard, finding success, and accomplishing your goals in the coming year. Now, "plant" the seeds in the pile of cinnamon, burying them under it atop the fabric piece.

Take your gold coin, which represents luck and good fortune, and place it atop the cinnamon and seeds. "The coin acts as a ‘seal’ for your intentions," explained Sage. "The gold represents all your potential and abilities for success." Finally, you may grab the outer edges of the fabric, gather them in the center, and tie it up tightly like a pouch with your piece of ribbon. Congratulations: This is your prosperity charm for 2020!

Next, it’ll be time to charge your talisman with your personal intentions and magic. As you approach midnight on New Year’s Eve, feel the energy building, and keep your charm close. As the countdown arrives, hold your charm in your dominant hand, and hold your non-dominant hand out, as if you were about to receive something. "As the countdown commences, imagine your hand is like a giant electro-magnet you’ve turned on," shared Sage. "It’s the energy of millions of people, and envision it gathering and gathering and gathering into your hand through the whole countdown." Once midnight hits, hold your hands together, envisioning the power and energy of NYE infusing with the power of your own intentions. And now, you’ve got a fully-charged prosperity charm to use all year long.

"It’s best not to keep the bag directly on your person for a while, as it is quite potent. Hang it or place it on a shelf somewhere in your home or office," advised Sage. "After a couple of months, you can start carrying it around in your purse or pocket for the rest of the year."

Negativity-Cleansing New Year’s Bath Ritual

We usually think of baths as a way to cleanse our bodies and relax our minds, but bathing can also be used as a way to cleanse and soothe our spirits. Going into the new year feeling fresh, positive, and baggage-free is helpful, so plan for this very quick and simple negativity-cleansing bath ritual to send you off on your New Year’s Eve journey.

What you’ll need: Epsom salt to add to your bath; sage or frankincense essential oil; 1 white candle.

What to do: Begin this ritual by cleaning your bathtub and taking a quick shower. While a pre-bath shower may seem counter intuitive, remember: This bath is about symbolically cleansing your spirit, so you want to feel clean n’ shiny as you begin. When you’re ready, fill your bath with warm water and add a cup of Epsom salt, stirring it into the bath water. "There are many techniques you can use to clear your aura. But, the most relaxing and thorough by far is the Epsom salt bath," wrote Reiki master and teacher Margarita Alcantara on her site. "It clears you from head to toe, and you get to soak it in and feel the magic work!"

As you’re filling your bath, add a couple drops of sage or frankincense essential oils to the water. Sage is highly cleansing, which is great for banishing negativity. Frankincense is very spiritual and grounding, which is perfect for getting in touch with your inner self and setting goals.

Once the bath is drawn, get into the water. As you relax in the cleansing salt water and take in the scent of the healing oils, allow your mind to clear, then let it wander to the highlights and low points of the past year (or even decade). Focus on the joy in the happy memories, and only the growth in the negative. As you wrap up this mental reflection, think about what’s next, and what energy you’re welcoming into your life. Light the white candle, which represents purity, new beginnings, and a clearing of your path ahead. Soak in the bath for as long as you feel comfortable.

As you exit the bath, envision the struggles of your past, your baggage, your fears, and any negative belief systems you previously held remaining in the water behind you. As you dry yourself off, remain next to the bath and watch the water drain out. Visualize all the negativity of the past year draining out of your life, and emerge cleansed and ready to invite in the positive energy of change and fresh starts.

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