8 Most Expensive Things Owned By Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper began appearing in films as a supporting actor before getting his big break with the 2009 blockbuster comedy The Hangover. He acted in romantic comedies such as Valentine’s Day, and He’s Just Not That Into You, followed by action and dramatic roles in 2012 in The Place Beyond The Pines and Hit And Run. His 2012 dramedy, The Silver Linings Playbook, earned him an Academy Award nomination and elevated his demand in Hollywood. Cooper earned $46 million in 2014 and $41.5 million the year after through his movies. With his production company, he released the 2019 hit A Star Is Born on a $36 million budget, and it reaped profits of $433 million at the box office.

Currently, Bradley Cooper has a net worth of a whopping $100 million, and he likes to spend his fortune buying expensive collectibles from cars and bikes to scenic homes and properties. Let’s look at the most expensive things owned by Bradley Cooper.

8 Mercedes Benz AMG

The longest-running Mercedes model, the G Wagon, has been in production since 1979. Cooper has a black 2004 Mercedes Benz G53 AMG in his garage that costs upwards of $200,000, as noted by Hot Cars. His car collection has always been low-key, with the other SUV in his collection being a 2007 Toyota Prius, which is more environmentally conscious than the G Wagon.

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7 West Village Townhouse

Purchased in 2018, Bradley Cooper was quarantined in his West Village townhouse during the 2020 pandemic. Purchased for $13.5 million, the five-story home is between the Village and the Upper West Side. The house was a rental building and was converted into a single-family home in 2014. It features six bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and is furnished with historical and warm elements. The basement deck had a grand parlor and a rear garden with a deck. Along with a wine cellar, the home offers majestic views of New York City.

6 KTM Superbike

More than cars, Bradley Cooper has a love for superbikes. Since 2014, he has been photographed riding his KTM 1190 RC8 street racer bike that is made for experienced riders. As mentioned by Auto Evolution, the power-packed bike comes with a V2 engine and a strong chassis. The six-speed transmission gives an output of 173 HP and has a strong throttle response and rev range. It is one of the most potent bikes and has a retail price of $16,499.

5 Limited Edition Watches

Bradley Cooper has loved to sport the dad look ever since he became a father in 2017. He likes to wear cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap going on an outing with his family. He also cleans up nicely while stepping onto the red carpet for movie promotions. The watch that he accessories with every outfit remains constant through his looks. As stated by The Things, Cooper owns a $30,000 IWC Big Pilot’s Limited Edition Watch. The value of these watches keeps increasing with time.


Another bike in the collection is the BMW HP4 that has revolutionized the automotive engineering in bikes. The limited-edition bike was first introduced at the 2016 EICMA, and every model is handmade in Berlin. The HP4 is non-street legal and gives an output of a whopping 215 HP. With its six-speed transmission, it has a top speed of 186 MPH. The bike was created in limited numbers, and it cost Cooper $84,000.

3 Ducati 1199 Panigale Motorbike

One of the top-rated bikes created by Ducati, the 1199 Panigale is built with high-quality accessories and ergonomics to offer an unforgettable experience on the bike. The Superquadro 1198 CC engine provides a maximum output of 195 HP with 98.1 lb-ft of torque. The lightweight body and unique architecture make it a head-turner on the streets. Given its powerful engine and angular design, the bike doesn’t come cheap and costs $20,995.

2 Pacific Palisades Property

In May 2021, Bradley Cooper added a new property to his real estate profile by purchasing a Pacific Palisades home in LA for $4.8 million in an off-market deal. The 4,400 sq. ft. property has four bedrooms on the plant-filled estate. As reported by Architectural Digest, the estate has a main house, a two-story guesthouse, and a separate two-car garage. The home has an expansive garden, a built-in grilling station, and a dining deck.

1 Maserati Granturismo

One of the most covert cars in his collection is the Maserati GranTurismo he purchased for $100,000. It has a powerful V8 engine and provides a top speed of 187 MPH. This vintage roadster is on par with the top-of-the-line models and provides comfort and high-speed racing at the same time.

From expensive accessories to owning fast automobiles, Bradley Cooper likes to spend his fortune on things that make him smile. The actor is often spotted cruising around his bikes between movie takes or taking a stroll near his lavish properties. The actor was recently seen starring in Guillermo del Toro’s crime thriller Nightmare Alley, released in mid-December 2021.

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