Addicted to your phone? It could be the reason you’re struggling to get it up, experts claim | The Sun

TOO much social media can wreck your sex life, research reveals.

Blokes addicted to the networking apps are more likely to struggle to get it up, while women have lower sex drive.

Both partners find it more difficult to orgasm if they are hooked on social media, found a study by Instituto Universitário in Portugal.

Study author Dr Rui Miguel Costa said: “Ironically, using social media very frequently might make one feel more isolated from others – sometimes from the partner. 

“If one feels emotionally distanced from the partner, sexual function is more likely to be impaired.”

Experts quizzed 1,166 people about their sex lives and how much they used smartphones and social media.

Those who spent a “problematic” amount of time on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram had more trouble in the bedroom.

Women found it more difficult to get in the mood, suffered more pain after a romp and were less happy with their sex lives.

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Men’s libido stayed the same but they battled erectile dysfunction and felt unsatisfied, compared to people spending less time online.

Writing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the researchers said: “Problematic use of online social networks appears to be associated with sexual difficulties.”

A massive 97 per cent of UK adults who go online use social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, Ofcom figures show.

Brits spent an average of half an hour a day on Facebook alone in 2020.

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Experts worry social sites are bad for people’s mental health and disrupt sleep.

Dr Costa told Psypost: “It is beneficial to reduce the use of social media if it often interferes with daily activities, work, sleep and personal relationships.”

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