Adorable husky has unfortunate penis-shaped markings on his head

An adorable young husky causes a stir whenever he meets new people because the markings on his head look just like a penis.

Little Nitro has the unfortunate markings directly in the middle of his forehead, but his owners insist that the pup isn’t a dickhead.

Meredith White said she had never noticed her two-year-old pooch’s risqué head markings until a stranger commented about it on a photo of him that she had uploaded online.

Now, the 37-year-old from Dallas, Texas, says she has not been able to ‘unsee’ the phallic shape etched into Nitro’s fur.

Meredith says she burst out laughing when she spotted the hidden shape in the fur, and she says the whole family have now embraced their pet’s unique markings – and have had plenty of jokes about it.

The mum of three said: ‘We have been so happy ever since Nitro joined our family. I’d always dreamed of having a husky, and after our 16-year-old family dog passed away, it was the perfect time.

‘I never even realised that he had such naughty markings until I posted a photo of him online and someone brought my attention to it.

We haven’t been able to unsee it. We cracked up in hysterics, it just made us love him even more.’

In an even more hilarious turn of events, Meredith says that when she studied the marking closer, there even seems to be something coming out of the end of the penis shape.

‘It’s even better that not only does he have the phallic shape, but there appears to be an “eruption” as well in his patterning,’ says Meredith.

‘We think it’s hilarious and make jokes about him all the time. I do tell him he is the most handsome dickhead in the world.

‘Nitro knows he has those naughty markings and loves to flaunt them. He is a definite show-off.’

Along with Nitro, Meredith’s family also have another dog called Jack, three cats called Smokey, Rebel and Bevo, plus a parrot called Charlie, who is Nitro’s best friend.

‘All of our pets adore each other. Jack and Nitro are like brothers,’ says Meredith.

‘He and our parrot Charlie are best friends we got Charlie on the same day we got Nitro so they are very close.

‘People love Nitro when they see him, and always start laughing about his naughty markings.

‘He makes us smile every day and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.’

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