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DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE been left with a broken heart after my “situationship” ended.

He’s 45, and I’m a man of 47. While we agreed to be friends with benefits, we spent almost every weekend doing couple activities together.

It felt like so much more than just sex and I saw “forever” in him.

But after seeing each other for five years, he told me he has found someone else.

Previously he would always tell me he missed me when I was gone, and he constantly assured me he wasn’t seeing anyone else.

We even met each other’s family and friends. But now he is with someone else and tells me he really loves him.

I don’t understand how he could dump me abruptly after all this time.

Did we mean nothing? I feel confused.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This man wasn’t entirely honest with you and you always questioned where you stood with him.

If a relationship doesn’t have transparency, it’s likely to lead to unsettled feelings.

If he won’t share his thought process, the way to heal is through working through your own feelings.

Instead of holding on to the past, try to focus on the fact you are now free of his lies.

My support pack Mending A Broken Heart can help you through this time.


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