Aldi: Savvy mum reveals how she feeds her family of 4 for just £12 a week

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Aldi is great for savvy shoppers who want to get the most out of their food shop. It has become even more popular in the past few years and competes against discount rival store Lidl. Lara Joanna Jarvis is known for her money saving tips and tricks that she posts online to share with her YouTube subscribers.

In a recent video, the mum of two shared how she buys a full week’s shop for her whole family for around £50.

She said: “Your food bill, other than your rent or mortgage is basically one of your most expensive bills each month.

“But I am going to prove to you that it can be done (cheaper) it will just take a lot of planning and a lot of prep but it can be done.”

Like many families, the busy mum has to cater for different food requirements as her partner is vegan, she is flexitarian and her two boys still eat meat.

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The mum suggests making a meal plan for the week so you can work out all of the ingredients you are going to need to buy and what ones you already have in the cupboard at home.

Making a meal plan will also help you stick to your budget and will help you to not overbuy in the supermarket.

Her meals include fresh ingredients including cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and onions, all healthy foods that are also very affordable.

Lara also advises savvy shoppers to add their total up on a supermarket website so they don’t get a fright when they reach the till.

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Whilst this can take quite some time, it helps you to not go over your weekly food budget.

She also explains how she keeps all of her old receipts and will even sometimes go back through them to determine how much her next food shop will cost her.

Another mum shared to a money-saving Facebook group how she manages to feed a family of three plus any guests she has over for just £24 a week.

She revealed how she does one big shop a month and picks up any fresh bits in-between.

The only fresh bits of food she picks up throughout the month tend to only be milk and potatoes.

This helps her to make food in batches which she then can place in the freezer to be used up throughout the month.

This also ensures that no fresh vegetables or meat go to waste as they are frozen straight after the mum preps the meals.

To avoid impulse buying at the supermarket and being tempted by any special offers that the stores may have, the mum relies on the Click & Collect service that most supermarkets offer to customers.

This way she can enter all the food she wants on the website and doesn’t get caught out by the sneaky food offers that are well placed around supermarkets.

Her go-to meals include chicken and vegetable pie, creamy pasta with prawns, satay chicken, roast lamb and pumpkin and tuna pasta bake.

She cooks fresh meals each evening but ensures that any leftovers are used the next day for lunch or dinners to make sure that there is no food waste.

She also freezes any leftover meals that do not get eaten up so that they can be used at a later date.

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