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SAVE yourself a pretty penny at the dealership with do-it-yourself car paint protection

This is something that now gets offered with all new car purchases.

Car paint protection can come over as one of the most controversial upselling products around.

However, there are some genuine benefits to having your paint professionally protected.

If you’re wondering what car paint protection is, you need to first understand what it is not.

It’s not something your paint job absolutely needs – these days paint is applied very professionally and clear coats on top of the colour coat do a fine job of protecting it.

It does not invalidate your warranty so far as paint damage is concerned either. A defect is a defect and your statutory rights are not affected.

What the best car paint protection does is add a toughened clear film to the clear top coat of your body work.

It’ll help prevent against stone chips, swirl marks and minor scratches—things that show up demonstrably worse on dark paintwork.

Though waxes and polishes can do the same thing when applied two or three times a year, if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for this extra effort, then a paint protection job could really suit you.

Here’s the kicker: professional valeters can offer these ceramic layers for as much as £1,500 in some cases.

If you’re looking to save a wedge, check out our suggestions for do-it-yourself products that could help make washing easier and get rid of the need to wax ever again.

Note that to get a really professional looking job, you might need to treat yourself to an electric buffer.

We like the Kent Q8009, as it’s a bargain and comes with decent quality polishing pads.

1. Boora Car Paint Polish, Sealant & Protector

  • Boora Permaseal 10 Year P.T.F.E, £24.99 from Amazon- buy here

The Boora two-step process is a testament that getting a paint sealant job right is totally a game of patience.

If you’re someone who gets bored easily, better rethink your strategy now.

Using the best of German nanotechnology, this Permaseal long-lasting car paintwork protection system comes with a ten-year guarantee.

Protecting your car from the sun, salt, bird poo and grime, you’ll find washing a doddle after applying Boora’s mid-priced protector.

Following a damn good wash, clay, rinse and dry, the final seal is a diamond-hard layer that gleams like a mirror.

2. Chemical Guys Car Paint Protection and Sealant

  • Chemical Guys Jetseal, £32.50 from Chemical Guys- buy here

US-based specialists Chemical Guys are complete geeks when it comes to the detailing world.

They have formulated this ‘Protection Beyond Need, Shine Beyond Reason’ paint sealant, which also comes as a matte finish if you prefer.

Developed originally for aerospace, the anti-rust nanotechnology can be applied to paint to repel the “harshest environmental elements”.

The acrylic crystalline content bonds chemically at a molecular level, with the clear top coat within 15 minutes of application.

Two coats are required for full protection and the ‘wet look’ high-shine finish is phenomenal.

3. Meguiar’s Synthetic Car Paint Sealant

  • Meguiars 21 Synthetic Sealant, £26.99 from Amazon- buy here

If you want to maintain that flawless swirl-free finish all the time, you may need to apply this Meguiar’s 21 every three to six months, which makes it more like wax or polish than a long-lasting sealant but you can build up the layers over time.

Initially, Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze requires two layers, applied 24 hours apart, but once the paintwork is protected, mess like bird soil just flicks away.

It’ll make your colour noticeably deeper and darker.

Users vary in how much they use – much depends on the size of the car—but you can always add more.

Our selection of the best car paint protection might help on the outside, but a good car vacuum cleaner will keep things tidy inside.

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