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AS ANY DOG lover will tell you, dog owners are willing to put as much time, care – and money – into their furry friends' grooming rituals as they are their own.

Brushing your dog’s hair isn’t just about aesthetics: you can discover skin conditions or any lumps or bumps on your dog if you brush their hair regularly, as well as improve their circulation.

For long-haired dogs, regular brushing is essential to help prevent matting and tangles.

As for dog breeds that shed (we’re looking at you, labs), it's a real benefit for them to have weekly, or even daily, brushing sessions. Your furniture and clothing will also thank you.

If you take your dog to the groomer’s every couple of months, they’ll get the works: bath, brush, haircut, nails trimmed and maybe even a special conditioning treatment thrown it. Brushing your dog’s hair at home in between those visits will help to maintain their cut and coat, ensuring they look more gorgeous than ever (brushing will also stimulate those natural oils in the hair follicles).

Get the right dog brush and it can also be great fun: you get to hang out on the sofa together, watching Netflix, while you indulge your pup with a mini grooming sesh.

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