Biker stops wedding car and begs his ex not to get married

The famous phrase ‘the one that got away’ has been used for yonks to describe a past lover that will always have a special place in your heart.

Sadly though, that realisation often doesn’t come until said lover is no longer around.

One man, who realised that he’d lost the love of his life, didn’t want to admit defeat. So he got on his bike, raced down the streets, just like they do in the movies, and confessed the undying feelings he has for his ex-girlfriend.

Only, he chose to do that all on her wedding day. To another man. As you do.

The Colombian biker, who is said to hail from the city of Medellin, was caught on camera bartering with his former partner.

He was seen pleading with the bride to leave her husband-to-be and run away with him instead.

In the gripping video, the couple can be seen arguing, then kissing for a few seconds before she inevitably pushes him away.

Talk about wedding day drama.

Footage shows the biker, still wearing his helmet, open the doors of the antique car to chat to the bride, decked out in a white wedding gown.

At one point, the lothario can even be seen getting down on his knees to physically beg her to be with him.

And, for a moment, it seems the pleading worked as the bride kisses the man back.

But the romantic gesture didn’t last very long as she then pushes him away. They have one final confrontation (with some distance between them) where the bride looks somewhat bored by his pleas.

Despite the build-up, unfortunately, we don’t know whether she took him back or went on her merry way to marry her fiance.

But passersby had thoughts. Some onlookers chanted ‘don’t get married’ while others said ‘kiss, kiss’.

Social media users were a bit less forgiving. One person wrote: ‘Everybody is responsible for their choices in life, the woman decided to get married, and this guy is humiliating a woman who does not love him anymore.’

Another said: ‘He lost his opportunity when he was with her, now let her marry in peace, sh*t.’

What do you think?

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