Bloke walks in to find gran wearing his sex toys as socks after hilarious mix-up

One man’s worst nightmares came true this week after walking in on his grandma wearing his rubber Fleshlights.

The Fleshlight is a brand of artificial vaginas and anal opening sex toy.

It is used as a masturbatory aid, which sees men inserting their penis into its opening.

The man’s gran discovered the rubber props when searching for a pair of socks.

Video of the red-faced moment shows the elderly lady sat in bed while the toys were on her feet after mistaking them for thermal socks.

The mortified man firstly had to inform her what the real purpose of the “socks” was.

And when it came to removing them, it got even more embarrassing.

The man begins to pull the rubber socks off his grandma’s feet, seeing them stretch so far they become translucent.

After giving it an encouraging yank, the now stretched out toy pinged back.

Another stated: “The shape should have made her suspicious.”

A third quipped: “At least it keeps granny’s legs warmer all day long.”

Months ago, an abandoned sex toy was posted back to its owner in clear packing.

And in another video, a man was filmed waking up to find 10 dildos superglued to his back.

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