Body language expert claims to spot Charles and Camillas hidden side

'It's Bittersweet Isn't It To Think How Proud Our Grandmother Would Have Been' – Zara Tindall

On Thursday June 22 2023, King Charles and Queen Camilla attended Royal Ascot and came home with an incredible victory.

The royal duo were pictured cheering on their horse, Desert Hero, and celebrating when he emerged victorious in The King George V Stakes. 

This was a hugely momentous occasion for the King as this was his first winner at Royal Ascot.

It was pretty touching for the royals and spectators alike as Desert Hero had been bred by Charles’s mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about Charles and Camilla’s interesting reactions to their big win.

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Charles and Camilla showed some real emotion during this Royal Ascot event, the expert claimed.

However, she suggested that the royals each took a different approach to encouraging Desert Hero, as well as celebrating afterwards.

Referencing snaps of the couple during and after the race, Judi opined: “These are spontaneous displays from the couple who not only reveal a hidden side to their personalities but contrasting responses, too.

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“Charles is rather gentle in the way he urges his horse on and it’s interesting that a display of more pent-up emotion at the win ended in a rather tearful look.

“He raises one fist but the hand is curled rather than squeezed into a fist and held quite low.

“Camilla looks far more determined and even aggressive in her encouragement of a win.

“Her mouth turns down at the corners and in one pose she bares and hits her lower teeth in a gesture of determination and a will to win.”

While Camilla’s competitive streak shone more than Charles’s, the pair had one key body language gesture in common.

The expert claimed: “I think it was a moment of release for both of them that might have brought them both close to tears. 

“The stress of the build up to the Coronation and the memories of the late Queen at Ascot must have helped to provoke what look like sad but celebratory tears.”

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