Brewdog release new premium gin – and it’s flavoured with cactus and lime

The UK is in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, which means that many of us will be spending most, if not all, of our time at home. The world as we know it has changed for the foreseeable and to be honest, that means we’ve earned ourselves a drink.

But seeing as though there isn’t much excitement day-to-day why not try a more exotic tipple than your usual vodka lemonade or glass of dry white wine.

Tomorrow, 5 May, is Cinco de Mayo which is a Mexican tradition that celebrates their army’s defeat against the French Empire in 1862. It is marked by colourful parades, music and delicious food.

To honour this event, Brewdog have released a special gin, to accompany your tacos, guac, salsa and chips, and it sounds incredible.

The new gin, released today, is flavoured with cactus and lime and is made “from grain to grass” in the wild frontiers of Aberdeen.

LoneWolf Cactus & Lime is loaded with lime and then topped with pressed juice from cactus and also Queen of the Night, which is a rare type of cactus flower that only appears when the sun goes down.

As for taste it has a strong juniper berry flavour with notes of citrus and the cactus tastes like watermelon and lychee… yum!

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It also includes grapefruit peel, lavender, scots pine and lemongrass; a lot of thought has clearly gone in to this drink!

If you would like to get your hands on a 70cl bottle you can buy it at and it will set you back £26.

It would be great with some ice and lime to spice up your lockdown evenings. Alternatively you could make a delicious margarita to honour the Mexican holiday… up to you!

However if you have a sweeter tooth when it come to booze, there is now a Jaffa Cake gin on sale which has been garnering rave reviews.

The brand new gin combines two timeless classics and is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and real-life Jaffa Cakes. Drool.

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Selling for £27.95 from Masters of Malt the Jaffa Cake gin will capture all of the senses, smelling of zingy orange (marmalade-esque), as well as whiffs of vanilla-rich cake and earthy chocolate. And it tastes just like the famous cake/biscuit.

Reviews on the Master of Malt website include one highly satisfied customer calling it “heaven in a glass.”

Another wrote: “This didn’t disappoint those tingling taste buds! Not too sweet which is what I was afraid of, very tangy, great jaffa cake taste to it not just orange flavour. Defo one for the top drawer!” [sic]

A third even went as far as calling it the “best gin [they’d] ever had,” adding: “Tastes exactly like a Jaffa Cake! Will be purchasing more ASAP."

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