Chinese zodiac sign should avoid 3 things or risk irreversible harm

Chinese New Year: Each Zodiac sign explained

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2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Those who fall under this particular zodiac sign will be born in one of the following years: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023. According to astrology, what can Rabbit expect from the upcoming 12 months?

According to Chinese astrology, 2022 is Rabbit’s “origin of life year”, meaning another Rabbit year. This will cause Rabbit to offend Taisui – the God of age.

This year will be filled with twists and turns, with astrology predicting “many challenges with frequent life changes”.

To survive and thrive during such changes, “be circumspect with problem solving and communication”.

Unfortunately, 2023 will not be “smooth” sailing, so Rabbit will need to make “extra efforts” in order to do well.

But to get the best of what this year has to offer, it’s important to “believe that a rainbow will come after the storm”.

“According to Chinese astrology, wearing red underwear and socks will bring good luck to you.”

What does Rabbit’s year look like in health, career, wealth and love?


Rabbit’s health is predicted to follow a “downwards” trend in 2023, and this sign should pay particular attention to any signs of brain and cardiovascular diseases.

Rabbits who meet three specific criteria should take special care of their health in the upcoming 12 months.

Those who have chronic conditions, live in a stressful environment or regularly overwork should be mindful of the energy they are expending.

According to astrology, these factors can “eventually bring irreversible harm to health”.

To stay healthy, learn how to unwind, and if you do feel unwell seek medical help quickly.

Rabbit should also work on being more efficient, optimising your time and eating habits.


Unfortunately for Rabbit, this sign’s career is predicted to face a “downward” trend.

According to astrology, 2023 will see Rabbit face “opposition” in the workplace.

“Due to ‘villains’ in your work life, projects that would otherwise go smoothly and bring benefits will be sabotaged.”

However, all hope is not lost, because “there are also benefactors who will help you out of trouble when you have problems”.

Rabbits who are keen for a change and hope to move to a different job, ensure you have secured a new position before jumping ship.


Due to a “decline in career luck”, Rabbit’s wealth may not increase, although stagnancy will be “temporary”.

Things are predicted to change for the better if Rabbit puts the work in, and “if you constantly strive to make yourself better, you should gain others’ respect”.

“With more effort this year, promotion and a salary increase are still expected.”

It’s best to do some “financial planning” this year, as it looks likely that Rabbit will have lots of expenses.


While Rabbit’s health, wealth and career are predicted to be pretty rocky, this sign’s love life is shaping up to be very fruitful in 2023, according to astrology.

“For single Rabbits, this year promises more romance. When you meet members of the opposite sex who you get along well, you are in a good place astrologically to start a relationship, and there are more likely to be sweet outcomes.”

As for partnered up Rabbits, however, things are looking slightly trickier. While their overall love horoscope points to positive, outside parties could cause a few issues.

“Some awkwardness may occur in your relationship, mainly because as a Rabbit you will have many potential entanglements and moments of closeness with the opposite sex, which are likely to pique your partner’s jealous, and even cause you two fights,” China Highlights claimed.

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