‘Classic move’ William and Camilla’s subtle ‘quirk’ to ensure Kate and Charles are ‘seen’

Royals attend the Commonwealth Day service in Westminster

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently in the Caribbean on a royal tour as part of the celebrations to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, on the other hand, are in Ireland carrying out a series of engagements, both separately and together on behalf of Her Majesty. Earlier this month, the four royals were seen together at the Commonwealth Day Service, and when they walked up the aisle in pairs to their seats, the Duchess of Cornwall dropped back from the Prince of Wales, but Kate didn’t do the same for William. Express.co.uk spoke to body language expert and celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman about this moment. 

Inbaal said: “The Royal Family can’t help but live their lives under constant scrutiny – their every move is analysed and even the most random coincidences researched.

“But are they truly coincidences? Or are there family dynamics in place that can be easily explained using astrology?

“At the Commonwealth service, for example, we see two couples walking closely together, each couple side-by-side.

“As Charles and Camilla walk up the aisle towards their seats, Camilla drops back a bit – a move we’ve seen her perform several times before.

“However, when William and Catherine make the same journey, it’s William who falls back a little, and Kate who strides ahead.

“Had it been royal protocol, surely both couples would have acted the same as each other. 

“The fact that they do the opposite is bizarre – to everyone but to astrologers.” 

She explained: “Both William and Camilla have something very special in common in their charts. 

“A little combination which makes them supportive partners, who place the comfort and happiness of their partner ahead of their own.

“They are both Double Cancerians.

“If you’re born between June 21 and July 22, you’re a Cancerian (varies a little bit by year) – we know that much.

“But did we also know, that if you’re born at the time of the new moon, that means your moon sign is the same as your sun sign?” 

She continued: “When your Sun sign (also known as the star sign) and your Moon sign are the same, you are double that sign.

“William is a double Cancer, which makes him a wonderful family man, very devoted to his wife and children, as well as to his father and grandmother. 

“Cancerians love tradition and large homes – what a perfect royal astrological placement.

“Camilla is the same – devoted to her role in the family, and enjoying even the most mundane trappings of her situation.

“Both the Sun and the Moon signs are important elements within each zodiacal chart, but they’re not the only ingredients.

“William and Camilla have little else in common apart from that. 

“But this quirk of walking slightly behind their spouse, making sure they’re seen, and feeling supported, is a real classic Double Cancerian move,” Inbaal added. 

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