CR7 Real Estate: These Are Most Expensive Homes Owned By Cristiano Ronaldo

Have you ever thought of where famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo takes a rest after exhausting games? Of course, nobody else on earth is comparable to him. Throughout his record-breaking football career, Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved some big milestones and received several awards. In football, it appears that nothing has been beyond Cristiano Ronaldo’s reach. This is largely attributable to the unwavering drive to be the finest in history.

The good fortune that has accrued to Ronaldo is a bonus of his remarkable career. His estimated net worth of $500 million makes him the wealthiest footballer in the sport. Consequently, CR7 has acquired several opulent residences over the years.

Here are some of the most luxurious and most expensive homes owned by Cristiano Ronaldo.

8 Marbella villa, Malaga – $1.6 Million

Reportedly, Cristiano Ronaldo bought this Costa del Sol property in 2019 for slightly more than a million. A reasonably inexpensive and small transaction for his fortune. Nonetheless, it is a very cool and exciting place for some fun and loving family vacations. The region where this amazing home is located is purportedly known as “The Superstars Cul-De-Sac.” This name is given to the region due to its notable residents. This elegant property features breathtaking views of the ocean and golf courses. In addition, there are driveways decorated with LEDs, state-of-the-art private gyms, an in-house theater, and huge indoor pools.

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7 Riverside Estate Apartment – $2.3 Million

6 La Finca villa, Madrid – $6.2 Million

Since his Real Madrid days, Cristiano Ronaldo has owned his beauty, which is said to be worth $6,2 million. This property was created by architect Joaquin Torres in a prestigious neighborhood northwest of Madrid. It features a fitness center, an outdoor pool, seven rooms, eight bathrooms, children’s playrooms, and a trophy room.

The property also provides ample protection and solitude, allowing Ronaldo to rest peacefully between games. On the small football field, he could get in some practice. Or, enjoy a well-earned respite in the spa. Even though Ronaldo left Real Madrid over two years ago, Ronaldo now owns the 8,600-square-foot apartment.

5 Prime Lisbon Apartment – $7.3 Million

No matter what job you are in, there will be a few things that have always been important to your heart. For the football master, happy memories are associated with the Avenida de Liberdade. So, he purchased a house in the capital of Portuguese, at Eduardo VII Park to be accurate. As per sources, it is known to be the most expensive place that has ever been purchased by someone on the surface.

The property, which was acquired in 2018, was without a doubt remarkable. Thus, the celebrity was discovered to have placed a substantial bid for this 3,100-square-foot condominium. It is also alleged that he outbid two other millionaires in the city to purchase this magnificent apartment.

4 Funchal Mansion, Madeira – $8.5 Million

In 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly paid approximately $8,500,000 for this home. He transformed it from a garage into a fashionable and luxurious residence. The Funchal estate with seven stories features two gigantic swimming pools, a jacuzzi, and a football field. Additionally, there is a magnificent sight of the ocean. Moreover, Ronaldo erected two gyms within the residence.

After the completion of construction in 2019, Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, and brother, Hugo, came there. During the coronavirus outbreak, Cristiano as well as his family even spent a few days in quarantine at this home. However, they relocated to a new location in Madeira for unknown reasons.

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3 Riviera Retirement Home, Quinta da Marinha – $8.6 Million

According to recent reports, Cristiano Ronaldo has purchased a big 8.6 million dollar block of property in Portugal. The specific location is Quinta da Marinha on the Portuguese Riviera. Ever since starting, CR7 has consistently demonstrated his affection for his native country. He has even expressed a desire to stay in Portugal after his retirement from the workforce. Therefore, a residence on the Portuguese Riviera would be ideal for him, as his apartment in Lisbon is only 30 minutes away by car.

2 Trump Tower Apartment, New York – $18.5 Million

It appears that CR7 loves luxurious and expensive things. In 2015, the New York Post claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo bought a loft apartment in the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. The 2,509-square-foot property evidently sparked MLS relocation rumors. Regardless of the outcome, Ronaldo will already have a place to call home.

The private units on floors 30 through 68 are described on the Trump organization’s website as “one of the world’s most prestigious luxury residences, catering to public figures, athletes, celebrities, and other affluent sophisticates.”

1 Gran Madre de Dio villa, Turin 

Immediately following his 2019 transfer to the Italian Football Giants, Juventus, Ronaldo acquired another magnificent residence to his portfolio. The famous Juventus No. 7 wanted to keep his home secret, thus few details are known about it. After that, this home appears to be a contemporary sanctuary!

The house owned by CR7 is situated on an unnamed road with many security officers and private grounds encircling this opulent property. The price of this property in Turin is currently unknown.

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