Dad killed in car crash with best pal just after learning girlfriend is pregnant

A dad-to-be was killed in a horror crash soon after learning his girlfriend was pregnant.

Andrew Sinnott, 30, and Keith Ennis, 39, both died in the smash in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, in the early hours of Sunday.

Mr Sinnott had just found out weeks ago his girlfriend was expecting their first child together.

He already had a son from a previous relationship, reports the Manchester Evening News.

He was a passenger in a Vauxhall Astra which hit a road sign before ploughing into a wall and then flipping onto its roof.

Close pal Mr Ennis was driving the car. Friends said the pair were inseparable.

Mr Sinnott's devastated partner Kyara Rowland said she recently found out she was pregnant.

"He was so excited," she said. "We had the scan dates, he couldn't wait."

Kyara, 24, added: "They met up and went for a drive.

"I was in bed. I woke up and the police came to see me.

"I went to his flat. I didn't believe the police; I just couldn't believe it.

"I honestly feel so lost without him."

Musician Andrew liked to be called 'AJ' or 'Malum Lux' – his performing name.

He composed drum and bass tracks and put on music nights.

In a Facebook post, Kyara wrote: "I'm absolutely heartbroken to even tell everyone this way, but at 1am yesterday morning, AJ, my gorgeous boyfriend passed away.

"I honestly have never felt heartbreak so bad and have so much love for his family and friends.

"Thank you for all being there for him and for all keeping him happy.

"I've honestly never loved this hard and to lose it all in one night without knowing is the worst.

"He was so intelligent and an amazing dad, music artist, DJ and partner.

"He put others first before himself he had the biggest heart and was so funny.

"I just wish I could tell you 'I love you' one more time and hug you one more time.

"You honestly made me feel safe and loved – I couldn't ask for a better partner.

"I love you sausage. I just wish I was there to stop you from going out that night."

Speaking about having a child without her partner, Kyara said she was 'so frightened', but said she would 'bring up his beautiful baby in his memory'.

Kyara, paying tribute to Mr Ennis, posted: "RIP, Keith. You [were] the loveliest of people. Sleep tight."

Matt Tierney – a friend of both men – said: "They were so close. They really were special people.

"They just sparked off each other.

"Keith found it hard to get on with other people, but not with AJ. They had a special bond.

"It's really gut-wrenching what's happened. It's so tragic.

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