Daily horoscope for January 18: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Astrology: People want to relate to horoscopes says Vyse

Monday’s horoscope  is apparently heavily-affected by the Aries Moon’s arrival. Earth’s natural satellite is still waxing dynamically as another working rolls into view.

Astrology experts believe this can result in people experiencing the urge to connect with others start projects.

The Moon then proceeds to form a Sextile with the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

A Sextile is an astrological aspect occurring when astronomical bodies are positioned two signs distant.

Horoscope analysis suggests many of you should consequently expect to see ideas start to take shape on Monday.

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A powerful new seed was planted in your mind during last week’s Capricorn New Moon.

And this should now be showing green shoots, meaning today is an appropriate time to kick-on with useful affairs.

A good idea is to inject energy into such thoughts and just see where things go from there.

The Capricorn Sun is on its last legs as it forms this positive aspect with our celestial orb on Monday.

Fortunately, there is just about enough juice in the tank for our solar system’s Sun to make a difference today.

Also making an apparent difference today is the planetary posse building a stronghold in Aquarius – and the Sun is set to join in.

Fiery planet Mercury – among those in Aquarius – is well in his retrograde shadow.

As a result, any ground covered until the month’s end will have to go back over again, when Mercury turns Retrograde.

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Fortunately – for now – all is well, meaning there is no need to panic at this moment.

The Moon continues to wax happily in Aries, meaning many should make the most of this opportune moment.

There is simply so much out there requiring one’s attention, now is certainly a time to crack-on with constructive things.

Ringed beauty Saturn and gas giant Jupiter are considered particularly friendly to today’s Moon.

However, no amount of sanitisation will properly address that big gaping wound.

This arrives in the form of rogue space rock Chiron’s residency in star sign Aries.

Chiron has been situated here for at least two years, reminding many of the importance of individuality and responsibly.

This asteroid Conjuncts the Aries Moon, meaning Monday is a good moment to nourish your soul.

There is a part of your soul you left behind at some point in the past – and now is the time to claim it back.

The Moon and Chiron Conjunct tonight and that message is heard loud and clear.

Conjunctions commonly occur when two planets arrive in the same star sign.

Today is therefore best viewed as an ideal opportunity to see things from a more holistic perspective.

So why not take courage and do what you feel is right this Monday?

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