Dog turns Cheetos puff after owners attempt to dye it pink goes very wrong

A woman created a big mess in her home while trying to dye her dog pink – and the finished results have proven to be controversial.

Hair stylist Isa Beastly, from Atlanta in US, posted a now-viral video on TikTok to ask for advice for cleaning up the hair dye in the bathroom.

But viewers were horrified after seeing the dog in a coat of bright red fur.

Isa said in the video: "I saw some girl dye her dog on TikTok and I've been wanting to dye my dog for a while.

"Oh my God my landlord is going to take my deposit. Help me!"

She soon realises the dye has gone terribly wrong when she mixes the orange and red dye together – and her dog is left looking like a "Cheetos puff".

As the TikToker pans the camera around the bathroom, the white wall and the wooden floor are covered in smears of dye.

And the bathtub is left in a huge mess with patches of dye everywhere.

While Isa is asking for cleaning advice, viewers were more worried of the dog's health.

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One said: "That is not okay, the dye could hurt the dog."

Another wrote: "It's mad weird, who dyes their dog?"

But Isa hit back and said: "I didn't do it for your liking, clearly it's my dog so whatever I do is for my liking. Thank you for your input."

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A woman recommended using Clorax, explaining: "It cleans up with bleach spray, let it sit for a minute. My hair is red so my bathroom looks like a massacre when I wash my hair."

"You know there's hair dye that's safe for pets right? Seems a lot of people don't know about it," a second commented.

Isa shared the final outcome in another video.

She revealed that in the end, the dog was left with patches of red and orange all over its body.

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