Extreme tattoo fan who spent £75k on ink says inside bum was most painful

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A man has lifted the lid on his extreme tattoo journey since starting his procedures in 2009.

Remy, 33, got his first facial piercing in 2001 before an ink of his son's name in custom script around eight years later.

The chef, from Canada, has since spent a fortune on his transformation which includes piercings and jewellery on his body.

Now in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, the dad has revealed details of procedures, including what hurt him most.

He said: "Since I started getting tattooed I've spent somewhere around 120,000-130,000 CAD (approximately £70,000-£75,000).

"But including piercings and jewellery I'm well over 150,000 CAD (£87,000)."

Although he's inked almost his entire body, there are some parts which haven't been touched.

He added: "The only places I haven't tattooed are most of my face, ears, soles of my feet and parts of my palm."

And his most painful tattoo doesn't come as a surprise to us.

Remy admitted: "Maybe the inside of the bum, or the deeper regions of the inner thighs, those areas are fairly sensitive."

Despite sometimes getting trolls commenting on his appearance, Remy simply doesn't care about what people think.

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He explained: "I never get any 'bad' or 'hateful' comments from anyone family or stranger in person.

"I only ever hear those sorts of things from people online, in public I get only positive or curious comments.

"When I receive hate online I either ignore it or wish the hater/troll well, as I'm big enough to realise what's upset them isn't me."

Remy continued: "I realise something else is unfulfilled or bothering them in their personal life."

Now sharing his advice to others who wish to kick-start their tattoo journey, he concluded: "I would say not to be in a hurry.

"The journey is the funnest part.

"And if you do this as a marathon rather than a sprint you'll have a lot better time, and make better memories."

Remy has over 180,000 followers on Instagram where he shares his tattoo journey.

He also uses a YouTube account to reveal updates where he boasts around 4,960 subscribers.

Previously, he joked his ears were like "finely aged cheese" in an Instagram post as they have many holes.

He said: "It's either modern art, or a finely aged cheese. Another view of my right ear forever work in progress."

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