Fight Breaks Out in VIP Section of Eagles Concert During Take It Easy

Photos and videos have emerged of a massive brawl breaking out in the VIP section of the British Summertime festival in London’s Hyde Park on June 26 — during the Eagle’s performance of their song “Take It Easy.”

Although the California-folk song ushers its listeners to “just find a place to make your stand and take it easy,” it seems the message went over the heads of the British festival crowd.

In remarkable video footage posted by Metro, security guards are seen pushing two men to the ground while another guard grabs hold of another man by the neck. A man in an Eagles t-shirt can also be seen throwing punches at security guards while a woman in a green dress is shepherded off the premises.

To top it off, as security guards violently held the fighters back to take them away from the situation, another uninvolved person is heard yelling, “You’ve got to take it easy!”

Like the rest of the crowd, the Eagles paid no mind to the conflict and continued playing through their set. A group of men and one woman were reported to have eventually been escorted out, as they simultaneously placed the blame on other audience members.

The incident occurred in the Diamond “Hydeaway” VIP section of the British Summertime festival which requires payment of around £399, or $485. Their website lists amenities including a “dedicated premium standing viewing area in front of the stage with unrivaled views of all the Great Oak Stage performances,” and a shocker: a private bar.

The Metro article also points out the band’s own history with public brawls, citing their 1980 breakup which was a result of physical violence on stage. However, the band seems to be prospering in 2022, having just wrapped a string of North American shows for their “Hotel California” tour.

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