Full list of HSBC bank branches closing in the UK

HSBC has announced that 69 branches are closing soon, just a year after it closed 82 other branches.

The bank says the majority of its users are changing the way they manage their money – and opting for digital forms of banking, something the Covid-19 pandemic sped up.

Jackie Uhi, the head of HSBC’s UK branches, said of the closures: ‘We know that the majority of our customers have a preference to do much of their day-to-day banking online or via mobile.

‘So we’re removing locations where we have another branch nearby, and where there is a significant reduction in customers using face-to-face branch servicing.

‘This will enable us to invest in locations where our customers are continuing to utilise the branch network, including updating technology and refurbishing branches.’

So, which branches are due to shut down?

Which HSBC bank branches are closing?

Below is the full list of 69 branches closing down this year.

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