Fuming Monopoly kid who swore at family over game now looks unrecognisable

Nothing says Christmas like a game of Monopoly, and nothing says Monopoly like getting stressed.

Maybe that's why people were left in hysterics a few years back when an angry little player of the popular board game went viral.

At the time the nation was left in hysterics after the young boy was seen shouting, and giving his family the middle finger, because he didn't want to stay in jail.

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In the old clip you see the young boy with glasses kicking off when he ends up in jail while playing the board game with his family.

As well as laughing, his angry tactics saw him throwing his family the middle finger, shouting: "No I'm getting angry with all of you, don't film me."

This week TikTok creator and reality TV star Ethan Smith, who goes by the username smithethan1, posted a video that revealed what the youngster looks like now – and people can't believe it.

He posted a video on the platform on Christmas Day to tell people the youngster was "back after 10 years."

The video read: "Anyone remember the Monopoly kid?

"He's my brother, and this is him now."

The video shows the young lad walk towards Ethan and they're both laughing.

He then turns back the clock and reminds people what he became famous for by putting his middle finger up to his big brother.

People can't believe how different he looks as he appeared without glasses, and he looked so much older and a lot happier than he did in his viral video a decade ago.

One person commented: "Most insane Monopoly player."

Another added: "Christmas Monopoly arguments – they just go hand in hand."

Meanwhile, a third said: "I always shout 'GO TO JAY-ULL' when someone lands on the jail spot."


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