Girl, 8, who died of meningitis on family holiday saves lives as organs donated

An eight-year-old British girl has saved lives after her organs were donated following her tragic death during a family holiday in France.

Eilidh Neave fell ill while abroad with her parents and older sister, and was killed by meningitis despite doctors' efforts to save her.

After the schoolgirl was declared brain dead, her mum Ann Marie and dad Stuart, from Kinross, kept her alive on life support so her organs could be donated to children in need.

Eilidh was kept alive for several days as powerful antibiotics were injected into her body to clear her organs of the disease so they could be harvested, the Daily Record reports.

After falling ill, she was airlifted to hospital and diagnosed with Type B meningitis, an infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord.

She later showed no brain activity in a CAT scan and was declared clinically dead, said family friends.

Her parents asked medical staff to keep her on life support so her organs could be donated.

Eilidh, who had an older sister, Zoe, aged 12, was kept alive for several days to prepare for her organs to be harvested.

Friends have launched a GoFundMe page to help the family to pay for their extended stay in France in funeral costs.

They have raised more than £7,800 so far.

John Helms, a friend of Eilidh's mum, set up the page and appealed for donations, writing: "Their 8 year old daughter Eilidh (who they always called Thing 2) got sick and was diagnosed with Type B (bacterial) meningitis.

"She was airlifted to a major triage hospital.

"Shortly after that a CAT scan showed no brain activity and she was declared clinically dead.

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