Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for May 2


Be patient with stubborn officials. Use your innate charm to win them over. In meetings and business functions, politeness will pay. Showing deference and courtesy will cultivate healthier business relationships. A plum position will be offered by a powerful executive. Working in a new team will be stimulating.


Extra responsibilities are starting to take their toll on your health. Delegating commitments where you are able to, would give you more time for activities you enjoy. If taking on any more will leave you with no time to spare, be ready to refuse this request.


Be happy with small accomplishments. You can’t be too successful or not successful enough. You could spend your entire life asking yourself where you went wrong or why you weren’t good enough for someone. Put doubts to rest. Just keep on doing your best.


Someone is waiting to hear from you. Any further delay could cause some confusion and even misunderstandings. If you don’t want to lose out on a good opportunity, show that you are interested or this offer could go to a rival. An improvement plan recently put in place is working.


A change in career responsibilities will bring a need to revise family or social obligations. Don’t be surprised if there are grumbles and complaints. You have a chance to take part in a venture you have been hoping to get involved in for some time. There’s no question about your response.


Recent disagreements will be resolved. Accept apologies and be willing to let bygones be bygones. If you have been having some more thoughts about learning more about a subject you are interested in, give this some serious consideration this evening.


Be careful about what you do and who you are seen with. Someone could wrongly interpret what they see and before you know it they will have started spreading rumours about you that are untrue. Watch what you say as your words could be taken the wrong way.


You aren’t being anti-social when you take up a chance to break away from your usual crowd. You’re ready for new pursuits, new activities and new challenges. You should not be made to feel guilty because you have to refuse an invitation because you can’t make it on the stipulated date.


Even if you’re nervous about trying something new, relax and allow yourself to make a few mistakes before you get comfortable with this. You also need to give yourself time to get to know other people’s methods and personalities if you are joining forces with someone you haven’t worked with before.


Refuse to let anyone force you to give up on a task that is meaningful to you. If all you are getting from a friend or workmate is criticism about your plans and ideas, the answer is to go it alone. You really could do without their company.


You have other plans so it won’t be possible to go along with a friend’s suggestions. If they don’t take too kindly to this and expect you to drop what you are doing for them, you might question whether this friendship is becoming lopsided.


You might suddenly realise you have said too much to the wrong person. Someone you thought you could trust will betray you. The guilt you feel now is that you have been ignoring someone who really matters. No apologies will be necessary. They will just be glad to have you back.

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