How to make an instant DIY air con system using ice and a fan

Unless you haven’t heard, it’s pretty hot in the UK right now.

In fact, it’s so hot some places are looking at 40 degree heat, causing the Met Office to issue a red level 4 alert for the first time.

Getting to sleep is likely to be a struggle for many across the country, along with any hopes of focusing on work and efforts to get a workout in.

Fortunately, if you’re struggling to stay cool, we’ve got a handy DIY air-con system hack that needs just one ingredient along with a trusty fan.

How to make a DIY air con system using ice and a fan

Creating a DIY air-con using your fan at home is free – and so simple that you’ll wish you did it before.

All you’ll need to do is pop a bowl of ice cubes in front of it.

Place a towel on the surface in front of your fan and then put the bowl of ice on top of it so that the fan is blowing air into the stack of ice and then outwards towards your desired location.

For the coolest possible air from your fan, try and pile the ice cubes up so they are sitting above the rim of the bowl.

And just like that, you’ve got yourself a little cooling system.

Alternatively, you can freeze some water bottles and attach them to the back of the fan with some string.

Having tried it first-hand, can confirm that this DIY air con hack does make your fan blow considerably cooler air around the room.

And let’s face it, in sizzling heat, we’ll take whatever sweet and slightly cooler relief from the warmth that we can get.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that running your fan during the heatwave can start taking its toll on your energy bill.

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