I got my bits out on TV and viewers loved it – now I make £2.5 a week

A cam girl has made a fortune since her boobs and bits were shown on TV – uncensored.

Nova Jewels, 27, from Dundee, became a model and saucy content creator after losing her wedding coordinator job three years ago.

Her stunning looks, fiery personality and business head were beamed onto screens after she starred in Channel 4 documentary, Confessions of a Cam Girl.

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The two-part series followed Nova and her fellow cam girls around as they navigated their unconventional jobs – including getting their kit off.

And Channel 4 didn't do the honours of blurring out Nova's goods.

But, it appears to have done the world of good for the sizzling hot model and her bank account.

She exclusively revealed how much she's earnt since the documentary aired, and is looking to be on telly – kit on or off – on the regular.

"I cannot not even believe that my t*ts have been on the telly," Nova giggled in an interview with us.

"Do you know what though? I loved it.

"For me specifically, I liked the way they portrayed me and the way it came across. I was totally ecstatic with it.

"The feedback has been amazing, everyone has totally been loving it but wishing that there were more episodes.

"So many people are totally invested.

"The amount of messages of 'please do a where are they now' or ' why is there not a third episode'.

"I know that we filmed so much footage there could have easily been a third episode to be honest."

Although a third episode isn't the pipeline, Nova's fans – new and old – have headed to her cam profile and saucy snap subscription service for an extra dose of the babe.

She claims to have made just over £2,500 in the week since the in-depth documentary about following the reality of her kinky career aired.

She's been inundated with followers on her social media accounts and her naughtier profiles – along with messages from women who want advice about getting into the sex industry.

"The feedback has been next level," Nova gushed.

"I think that's what has put me on such a high as well.

"My following has gone up slightly on Instagram but my OnlyFans is booming – absolutely booming.

"So I couldn't be happier! I was stuck on 15% of worldwide top earners for months, it was so frustrating, no matter what I done.

"I thought I just couldn't get this percentage to go up, and now, in a week, I went from top 15% to top 9%."

The stunning model continued: "So the money is coming in, the subscribers are coming in, all of my cam callers have all been new.

"The cam callers have said the same, they've been on the website for two years as a caller and never came across me until the documentary.

"And I thought how strange, as you just assume because you're on the same platform or website you're going to come across each other.

"But so many callers are like 'how the hell how I never seen you on here in two years'.

"It's wild."

Nova is now 'buzzing' about the success off the back of the documentary and has booked a blowout trip to Bali with a pal.

She agreed with her family that they wouldn't watch the show – but her friends are rather proud.

The star now hopes to be a regular addition to British TV.

"Since the documentary in that week, I'd say a couple of grand – around £2,500," she reiterated.

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"So I'm totally buzzing.

"I've made more in the first week of episode one coming out… I made more in that week than what I made last month.

"I'm so buzzing over it.

"I want to do more television stuff now, I want to keep seeing myself on the telly – not always naked – maybe some fully dressed bits as well.

"My friends were buzzing about it too, they couldn't believe I was naked on Channel 4."

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