I made pigs in blankets in the air fryer – they turned out so good

Out of all of the festive delights, there's one dinner item that outshines all the rest – the pigs in blankets.

Making all the trimmings can be a time-consuming process – but one TikTok user has found a way to cut the time down after they tried using an air fryer to cook the Christmas treat.

The recipe was shared online by Bents Garden & Home, who claims the cooking method has become their favourite and they insisted their viewers should give it a try too.

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In the caption on the clip, which had more than 200 likes, the creator said: "''Air fryer pigs in blankets are one of our favourites."

All the fresh take on the British classic requires is just two ingredients: mini sausages and bacon, and an air fryer. Simply start by wrapping slices of bacon around the sausages and loading them into the appliance.

The social media user did not mention how long they had cooked them, however, another recipe said to cook them at 180C for eight minutes.

Once cooked, the foodie showed their fans the mouth-watering finished product. The bacon was crispy and they had a nice golden colour to it and the sausages were perfectly browned.

TikTok users took to the comments drooling over how tasty they looked, with one user writing: "They look lush."

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To which, the creator replied: "They were."

The news comes after a woman was left in stitches after her recent visit to B&M Stores and spotting a rude-looking Christmas decoration.

Vickie Green noticed a hilarious spelling fail which led her to share it on a popular Facebook group. The store's "Family Block Sign" spells out the word "family" but replaces some of the letters with festive designs.

For just £6, the Christmas ornament left Vickie in stitches as it looks like it's missing some letters and spells "FML" which stands for "f**k my life."


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