I'm having steamy sex with my boss – but will he leave his wife for me?

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been having steamy sex with my boss, but the trouble is he’s married – and his wife works with us too. He loves taking risks.

No one so far has clocked what is going on despite the obvious sexual chemistry between us.

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My boss and his wife have an online pet accessory business. He’s 45 and his wife is 39. I’m 24 and I deal with the accounts and invoicing.

When the business hit £5million turnover he took us all out for dinner. His wife had to leave early as their five-year-old daughter was ill at home.

Before that, they had planned to drop me off in a taxi on their way past my house. So my boss and I got our cab as arranged.

I was drunk and couldn’t find my keys but saw a window open. My boss sent the cab away and managed to climb through the window to let me in.

My parents were on holiday so I poured him some wine and he said how much I’d contributed to the firm’s success.

I brushed it off but he said, “No, seriously, I owe you so much”. Then he pulled me towards him and kissed me.

I was shocked but he seduced me and undid the front of my dress. We went up to my room and the sex was like nothing I’d had before.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him and he kept texting saying how much he fancied me. We have been sneaking off for sex in the day or sometimes I stay late.

He’s such a flirt and makes a point of brushing past me even if there is plenty of room.

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I think one colleague might have noticed the attention he gives me and even his wife rolled her eyes at me when he massaged my neck after I pulled a muscle last week.

But I’m not sure where all this is going.

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m afraid the likeliest destination is the Jobcentre. If you get rumbled – and that sounds probable – you are bound to lose your job. Is the sex worth that?

Men like this rarely leave their wives. You are at very different life stages while he is having his cake and eating it – having sex with you then running back home to play happy families.

You are worth more than being his booty call.

Don’t give in to dead-end, no-strings sex. Tell him you enjoy your job too much to risk it all and are going to keep things professional from now on.

Get out instead with your friends and perhaps you will find somebody nearer your age who is free to have a relationship – and who will put you at the top of his list of priorities.

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