I’m sick of my girlfriend’s lies about money after six years together

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M sick of my girlfriend’s lies about money. We’ve been together for six years and she has always been shady about her finances. 

She is 38 and has a good job, so I don’t know what she does with her money.

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She has continually lied about her debts and says she’ll pay the rent or the bills, then when they’re due, she says she doesn’t have enough to cover them.

This has caused so many rows and is spoiling an otherwise good relationship. I’m 36 and just don’t understand why she can’t be honest with me. 

I feel I can’t trust her and am tempted to spy.

Would I be better off on my own?

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like she may be hiding something, perhaps a big fine or debt she is ashamed to admit to. 

You need to talk to her calmly and make it clear how concerned and unhappy you are. 

Tell her you need to know why she is so sensitive about money, and ask what you can do to help.

My support pack Family Finances will help you. 

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