Inside Gran Turismo Mediterranea: The $10 Million Megayacht With A Ferrari Garage

Lazzarini Design, founded by Roman renaissance men, is renowned for its consistently innovative and pristine designs especially the most expensive yachts in the world. They’ve produced many fantastic automobile and boat models over the past decade. Despite having accomplished some very spectacular feats in the past, their most recent statement, which seeks to establish a new benchmark for luxurious lifestyle of wealthy individuals, may have single-handedly seized the attention.

In 2021, Lazzarini Design introduced the Gran Turismo Mediterranea, whose styling was inspired by Ferrari’s signature elegance, which cost $10 Million.

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A Slick And Stunning Design By Lazzarini

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This slick design from Lazzarini is 88 feet long and is reminiscent of the Prancing Horse in every manner. It has a sundeck that, at the touch of a button, transforms into a garage designed to house your Ferrari, complete with an extendable platform that the owner can use for landing. The GTM takes its design cues from the automobiles themselves and features a set of aerodynamic wings that contribute to the superyacht’s ability to reach speeds of up to 70 knots, which is an estimate of its maximum possible speed.

These stunning gullwing doors lead into an interior that is furnished with a couple of guest cabins, pilot seats, and comfortable space for the crew. The best way to describe Gran Turismo Mediterranea is as the Ferrari of the sea, complete with an actual Ferrari parked in the garage. A lot of celebrities own luxurious Ferrari but only few owns the Ferrari of The Sea. This yacht can reach speeds of up to ben 75 states, which are approximately equivalent to 140 kilometers per hour, thanks to its three MAN V12 engines, which are housed in its extremely respectable technical compartment.

The helmet is partially raised out of the water when the foil is unfolded. This reduces the drag, resulting in a faster and smoother ride. The buyer can also open the cabin doors on the Gran Turismo Mediterranea upwards like gullwing doors, and the yacht is perfectly capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 knots when sailing. As the Ferrari of the sea, it has a carbon fiber superstructure coated in the typical shade of Ferrari red. Everything in the cockpit, from the color palette to the chairs and controls, is modeled after a pilot’s station.

The concept of supercar-inspired yachts is not new to marine travel. According to Giampaolo Lazzarini, Design firms are continuously on the lookout for methods to combine ideas from the automotive and maritime industries because automobiles have seen rapid changes in the last century while advancements in the maritime industry have slowed down. The Jet Capsule proposal, an eight-meter boat made solely for transit and not exactly equipped with luxurious and high class cabins for sleeping through the night, is where the idea of the union of vehicle and boat first arises, long before the development of Gran Turismo Mediterranea. However, the most recent image from Lazzarini Design Studio demonstrates that ideas as elegant as these are not going away any time soon.

The Yacht’s Interior And The Ferrari Garage

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Although it is on the smaller side compared to other luxury yachts built by Lazzarini, it nonetheless provides opulent quarters for up to four guests in addition to the crew members. The crew lives in the two rooms below deck, while the guests have access to two double cabins on the main and lower decks. The owner of the boat will have complete creative control over the design of this area.

The Ferrari inspired mega yacht also has a formal dining space on the main deck, in addition to an atrium lounge located directly behind the pilot cabin, and it features two sofas that appear comfortable on either side and is ideal for casually hanging out. A series of secret steps provides access to the bow. However, it is not likely to be the safest place when traveling at 70 knots.

A platform that serves as both the sundeck and the luxurious and massive garage can be found in the boat’s aft section. This section of the yacht is known as the garage. The back platform of the GTM, which can be outfitted either as a sundeck or as a supercar garage — specifically, for your Ferrari — is perhaps the most eye-catching location on the vehicle.

The Luxurious Sailing Experiences

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In the latter scenario, the platform can stretch upwards and outwards, assisting in bringing the Ferrari into the dock at the press of a button so that it is ready to be driven away as soon as you set foot back on solid ground again. In the first scenario, it is possible for there to be a large number of lounges for sunbathing as well as a set of stairs providing direct access to the sea.

Moving forward, the mega yacht is far from being an expensive and luxurious superyacht, but it has stunning features such as salon facing loungers, and getting to the helm deck, which features two high-backed bucket seats that appear to be taken directly from a Ferrari sportscar, requires ascending a couple of stairs. The throttles are located in the middle of the dashboard, seemingly made of glass, while the steering wheel is on the left side of the vehicle.

Although GTM is not a superyacht with an incredible amount of amenities such as pools, gyms, and movie theaters, it is nonetheless luxury and visually remarkable due to its sleek and powerful lines. It would be ideal as a secondary boat for the wealthy sailor, the kind of person who wouldn’t even think about stepping ashore without his most precious Ferrari because it was designed for speed and luxury.

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