Internet falls in love with mustachioed puppy named ‘Salvador Dolly’

This puppy that bears a striking resemblance to Salvador Dali is winning hearts on social media after a New York City-based adoption agency recently shared his photos.

The black-and-white 5-week-old pup, named Salvador Dolly after the famed Spanish surrealist painter, will soon be up for adoption through Hearts & Bones Rescue.

The rescue organization also has teams in Dallas, Texas and works closely with Dallas Animal Services, who took in Salvador Dolly, her mama and her 10 tiny siblings as strays and cared for them for two weeks.

Last week, the rescue organization and the shelter were able to find a foster home in Dallas for the entire family. They are receiving medical care and being monitored until the babies are old enough to be weaned — and then the whole family will be taken to the Big Apple for adoption in late August or early September, the rescue said.

On Instagram alone, photos and videos of Dolly racked up thousands of likes by Wednesday morning.

Dolly is the unique pup in the litter — her siblings, shown in one video clip, don’t sport the same canine “facial hair” that she has.

More information about Dolly and other adoptable pups can be found on the Hearts & Bones website.
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