Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner wait in line at CVS for COVID vaccines

Jared Kushner — who helped run Operation Warp Speed to develop accelerated COVID-19 vaccines — just got his jab by registering on a Florida state website and waiting on line at a CVS pharmacy.

A source said Kushner got the Pfizer vaccine this past week at a local pharmacy while in Miami Beach with his family.

His wife, Ivanka Trump, got the same vaccine a few days before at a different CVS, posting pictures on Instagram.

“They both signed up on a Florida state website and got the vaccines when they became available,” the source said.


Still, there is some irony that that guy who ran Operation Warp Speed got his vaccine by registering on a state website and waiting on line at CVS.

Warp Speed was set up in the spring of 2020 to focus on rapid vaccine development by Kushner, then-White House senior adviser, and involved officials from the Defense Department as well as the Department of Health and Human Services.

We’re told that Kushner, 40, waited on line for 30 minutes at CVS last Friday for his jab on 71st Street in Miami Beach, while Trump, 39, went to a randomly assigned Miami CVS last Wednesday.

She broke her self-imposed social media blackout to post pictures of herself getting the vaccine and wrote on Instagram, “I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!!”

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